New York’s Softening Anti-Gun Views

Because I know that the NYC Mayor would hate to be considered a hypocrite who only serves his political allies when it comes to leniency, I’m quite confident that he will tell the NYPD to go easy the next time a tourist accidentally breaks one of the extreme gun laws. It would only be the right thing to do since he’s currently accusing India of having an “ulterior motive” as they enforce their strict gun/ammunition laws on a NYPD officer who was caught in illegal possession over there because he “forgot.”

And, I’m sure that Rep. Peter King who says that India’s desire to enforce their gun control laws is only a case that is “politically motivated” in order to extract retribution now understands the flaws in his gun control bill that would have given police the same incentives by banning anyone who is lawfully carrying from being pretty much on the same block as a government official.

8 thoughts on “New York’s Softening Anti-Gun Views”

  1. NYC to ease up on gun laws?? Do you want test that theory? Remember the NYPD officer is an only one better than you and me. Now the shoe is on their foot and they don’t like it.
    Now get back in line where you belong.

    1. Clearly, the sarcasm wasn’t clear enough since I would never, ever suggest that anyone test this theory that NYC officials have suddenly become enlightened as to the mistakes of their past enforcement efforts targeted at tourists.

  2. I’m sure the Indians have forgotten the arrest of a female diplomat in NYC on marginal charges. She was strip searched and prosecuted for not paying her help adequately.

    This guy is fucked.

    1. That’s what the politicians believe is happening, so they are pissed that the Indian law enforcement authorities are actually enforcing the laws they have.

      1. Laws that, it need be noted, reflect what they wish we had here. Perhaps we should send over David Gregory’s lawyer?

  3. When thing like this happen I can only smile. The Indians should prosecute to the full extent of the law. Just ask that poor bastard in DC who is looking at serious time for having a dud shotgun shell and a couple of cartridge casings in his home. I can only hope a couple of politicians get jammed up like this too.

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