“I just don’t see how people can grab a shotgun and rack it and stand on their front porch…”

Those words came from a New Jersey Police Chief who was appalled that, as his officers acted in a way that made a family believe their house was being broken into during a search of the surrounding property, a man grabbed his shotgun and went to check things out to make sure he and his parents weren’t in danger. Even though he never shot anyone, and he appears to have handled the situation reasonably when he believed the safety of his family was in danger, the police arrested him and wanted to put him away for 10 years.

Fortunately, a New Jersey jury acquitted him of the charges.

When someone linked this on Facebook, another person noted that this man was following the first few steps of our Vice President’s advice. He said you should grab your shotgun, load it, and go up to the door. The difference is that this man knew better to actually identify a threat rather than just shooting randomly, as the Vice President encourages people to do.

7 thoughts on ““I just don’t see how people can grab a shotgun and rack it and stand on their front porch…””

  1. In the big South African murder case concerning the athlete whose name I can’t begin to spell, he did just what Biden urged-fired through a door. Bad luck for him (and us) that Biden is not VP there.

  2. If the guy is facing home invaders wearing level 3A body armor he needs to upgrade from a shotgun. Even in the PRNJ you should be able to own a Garand, no? Nothing says “Get off my lawn” like that glorious ping.

    Also, I hope he’s learned his lesson and moves. The authorities in NJ — and most of his neighbors — want him dead or in a prison. If you’re a gun owner in these occupied states you need to GTFO. You’re feeding the beast with tax revenues, providing more electoral votes and Fed Reps to target my rights at the federal level, and raising your children in a way that will lead to them voting away my child’s rights in a generation.

    It also highlights that if you’re a gunowner and you choose NOT to get out, then you need to at least be able to get your family out. If this had gone hot and the cops had killed him, his parents likely would have been in the crossfire. Imagine if there had been kids in the home or a dog in the yard. Frankly a ballistically hardened safe room is not a terrible idea in such states so that your wife and kids can hopefully hide and not be killed if the cops go hot and start spraying & praying. This guy got very lucky that he’s not dead.

    If I absolutely had to work in one of these antigun states I’d absolutely have a home across the line in PA for my family, an apartment in the People’s Republic for during the work week, and try to get an alternate work schedule with some three day weekends and commute like Joe Huffman does into Seattle. Luckily because it is a free country nobody makes these people stay. I guess they like living there and wearing their yellow stars.

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