Bloomberg’s Next Move

From Tom King, President of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

There has been a blatant attempt by NYC to confiscate pre ban magazines that are legally possessed by resident pistol permit holders by threatening non renewal of their permit if the magazines are not disposed of to the approval of the NYC Police Department. If you have received one of these letters threatening non renewal please contact me at tking at nysrpa dot org.

Thank you,
Tom King

Keep going Mayor Mike. Keep going. It’s going to make the open carry parade through Civic Center, Manhattan that much more sweet when we restore the Second Amendment to your city. I know I have a fair number of readers in New York City, so if you have encountered this, please contact Tom.

UPDATE: Copy of the letter.

10 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s Next Move”

  1. So we’re seeing registration of item A leading to confiscation of tangentially related item B. But when we talk of slopes and their frictional qualities we’re loons. Git it.

  2. You mean to tell me that even *magazines* are registered in NYC? How else could they possibly know who has them?

  3. This man’s ego knows no bounds. InTrade ought to start listing him for 2012 for some kind of national office – probably prez.

    One of the few people who makes the incumbent look good.

  4. Infringement of the right to keep and bear arms by fiat. Bloomberg has literally become a dictator by issuing this order.

  5. Herr Bloomberg’s Stasi have been busy.

    “This provision of state law took effect November 1, 2000.”

    We’re supposed to believe that NYPD has taken over ten years to get around to realizing that? They’re thugs and con artists, but they aren’t very clever thugs and con artists. And Police Commissioner Ray Kelly wants to be head of the FBI?
    Existing magazines were grandfathered under the law. Period.

    This is what happens when a right becomes conditional. They impose more and more conditions as time goes by until they’ve strangled the right out of existence.
    Pulling this kind of con job on certified law-abiding gun owners is worse than despicable. The city should be sued.

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