CT Gun Control Groups Jump into Elections

It looks like Connecticut gun control groups are worried that enough gun owners may have been pissed off by their legislative package that they fear blowback at the polls. To try and keep that from happening, they are launching a new political action committee with the blessing of the Governor to back anti-gun lawmakers. They claim they spend most of their money on billboards and social media advertising.

To counter this, I would strongly suggest that CT gun owners, and any others who want to help them in their fight, open their wallets to the good opponents to make sure those candidates have the resources to buy up their own targeted messaging. Locally, gun owners also need to get involved in the campaigns in a big way. If you’re not the most social of folks, volunteer to put some signs together and deliver them to areas where they need them. If you’ve got a property along a very busy street, offer to put up the really big signs for candidates. If you’re the outgoing type, make some phone calls or do literature drops. These things will go farther than a social media ad.

4 thoughts on “CT Gun Control Groups Jump into Elections”

  1. Gun owners who want to be heard in CT need to be at the rally at the CT Statehouse this Sat at 12pm. We need thousands of people there

  2. Bitter,

    Who do we donate money to in CT, I am getting conflicting information. Can I donate to the NRA and designate a State? Never did that way before, but should be an option, huh?

    1. I don’t think you can do that with PVF, but I will ask folks in Indy what the best groups/strategies are for out of staters who want to help the political fights in CT. I’ll let you know what I learn.

  3. Frankly, I feel that CT gun owners should call these laws for what they really are. They are Jim Crow resurrected.

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