16 thoughts on “Schadenfreude of the Day”

  1. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. May he enjoy the outcome of all of the laws he felt only applied to the serfs crushed beneath his elitism and hypocrisy.

  2. I can’t work up too much delight over this. While Yee’s self-immolation is welcome news, the simple fact of the matter is that he represents San Francisco, and the odds of that craphole electing a pro-gun state Senator to replace Yee are nil. Whoever ends up filling his seat is going to be just as bad.

    1. They might elect one who simply -supports- gun control, as opposed to being personally invested in spending time, money, and political capital -pushing- it.

      That is a massive improvement in terms of best utilizing the limited “pro-gun” resources available. For instance, a passive anti-gun rep will wait for a bill to hit the floor, not be clamoring to get it out of committee. They will vote on it “as is” not try to curry favor tacking on amendments. They’ll mouth the usual platitudes about “common sense restrictions” at press conferences when asked, but won’t be holding rallies calling for new ones at every opportunity.

      That’s actually where I see the anti-gun political movement going; the lions of gun control are dying off and retiring and many of the new class of “anti” politicians are more pragmatic and aren’t going to put themselves at risk for a cause without much public support.

    2. This has bigger implications on the national level.

      #1. We’ve been pushing hard that gun control is the plaything of the corrupt politician. It’s been working so well MAIG is retreating into Moms Demand Action.

      #2. It really solidifies a lot of the points that anti-gun people make as untrue. They are NOT concerned about public safety, they just want to ban guns from the RIGHT people. The so-called “Iron Pipeline” doesn’t exist, and is irrelevant as the international black market is a real threat. Etc.

      Yes California like the other gun-ban states won’t go pro gun until the courts FORCE them to obey the Constitution. But the more pro-gun the bulk of America is the faster that will happen.

      1. I listen to Rush Limbaugh most days of the week. He had plenty to say about this Leland Yee guy two days ago – You can read the transcript of “Guns for Yee, But Not for Thee” on his official website if you want. I was not at all familiar with Leland Yee until the news of his arrest by the FBI came out.

        It was on Rush’s radio show where I heard a sound bite played of Leland Yee talking to the media sometime in the recent past about how nobody needs to have a “military style” firearm – what the anti-gun libtards have been demonizing as “assault weapons” for years and years now. In reality, these are all what those of us who know what we are talking about would simply just call semi-automatic firearms. Then it turns out that while Leland Yee was publicly railing against California residents being able to legally own “military style” firearms, Leland Yee was telling an undercover FBI agent behind closed doors that he can procure two million bucks worth of actual military grade firearms, specifically select fire M-16 rifles, and some type of shoulder-fired rocket launchers on top of that. Leland Yee was not just bluffing, either, because he was also known to be in deep with a top San Francisco, Chinatown longtime gangster, known locally as “Shrimp Boy”.

        This transcript over on Rush Limbaugh’s website is still up. It has a lot of details on there about the story with Leland Yee. The guy is being accused by the FBI of a lot more than just gunrunning. (Black market cigarette smuggling, stolen liquor fencing, influence peddling for medical marijuana legislation, etc.) The federal indictment against Leland Yee reads as if he was part of the actual San Francisco Chinatown organized crime underworld himself.

  3. CA State Senators Calderon, Wright,and now Yee. Can Steinberg, deLeon, Hancock, Skinner, and Jackson be far behind?? Oh I hope it’s their turn in the barrel very soon.

  4. No, the anti-gun climate in the People’s Demokratik Republik of Kollyvornia will change, but the irony (and revenge!) is delicious!

    On the other hand, the Feds show deep hypocrisy of their own. The FBI takes down a state senator over gun running, yet Fast and Furious? A smoke screen of a Congressional investigation, then… crickets. I guess the Fed.gov just hates competition.

  5. Despite being a Democrat, Wright was actually pretty good on the 2nd A. I met him once during a “field trip” with Gun Owners of California, as we went around the capitol building talking with legislators.

  6. I saw a photo today somewhere of this Yee guy with that other California politician named De Leon…the idiot who had that hysterical press conference about “ghost guns” and “30 caliber magazine clips”…Am I alone now in having some hopes that maybe the FBI can bust that guy on corruption charges soon too?

    1. De Leon is almost certainly the next President Pro Tem of the California Senate.

      He’s a Democrat from Los Angeles who has never met a social problem that he couldn’t blame on guns, or the evil rich, or the evil rich and their guns. He’s also one of the most heinous practitioners of more-concerned-about-the-precious-little-CHIIIIIILDREN-than-thou politics in the world.

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