Monday Pre-Freeze News Links

This winter is really shaping up to be a bear. We got stuck out at my dad’s in central Pennsylvania with freezing rain, waiting for the predicted temperature increase that didn’t come until well after midnight. I stopped by the office in the way back, but we only have a few hours until it goes from warm and rainy to arctic cold. So until I get home, here’s some news links:

Only government officials are responsible enough to possess and carry firearms.

Detroit’s police chief is calling BS on the whole gun control fraud. If more inner city chiefs decide to stop parroting the lies from their political overlords, it’ll be over for the gun control movement.

Gun control is another job killing program from the left. These are manufacturing jobs that require skilled labor. It’s good for the economy to keep them.

Why are anti-gun advocates so violent? Notice they don’t delete this stuff, only calmed and reasoned disagreement from our side gets deleted.

In some states, carrying a concealed firearm is reason for the cops to check your papers.

Uncle also notes that Tennessee could use some better preemption. I noticed a park when I was visiting over the holidays that was off limits. I didn’t realize that hadn’t been totally preempted.

When seconds count, the police are only 74 minutes away.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible.

Getting guns right at the New York Times. The problem is, their mistakes which are pointed out don’t even make math sense. I know a lot of firearms knowledge is pretty esoteric, but but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know .9mm is an awfully small hole.


A look at the 2013 ammo stats from Lucky Gunner.

Tam shakes the ant farm with an open carry post that I kept in my tabs because I thought I had more to say, but I don’t really. The takeaway is this: “There’s a difference between just carrying a gun, and carrying a gun at people.” And here’s another thing: when you find yourself questioning whether Tam is pro-gun, it’s time to ask another question.

A look at the Glock 41 and the Glock 42.

4 thoughts on “Monday Pre-Freeze News Links”

  1. Thanks for the links, as usual they were informative.

    Hope you are dug in for tonight & tomorrow. Last nights rain is now a sheet of ice, so I’m cancelling today’s adventures. Erie, PA is now a victim of the “vortex”.

  2. That ice was a challenge. Nearly took a nasty fall – no idea how I managed to stay on my feet. Rained all day but it was below freezing. So the water just froze in a slick coating. The snow is all washed away and now the temps will plummet and freeze everything. Hip hurts from that nasty split I did so that will remind me to pay more attention to where I place my feet. I’m old enough that I should no longer need pain to learn, but…

  3. Hey, good news, now they are saying -7 instead of -10 tonight!

    Leave your faucets trickling, and be sure to have both hot and cold running slightly.
    And if that hip keeps hurting see a doctor, ya might have torn your groin muscles…..

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