Remington Responds to GDSI Unsolicited Offer

They don’t think too highly of it. Outdoor Wire is reporting:

Executives with Remington Outdoor Company have described yesterday’s late afternoon announcement of plans by by Global Digital Solutions, Inc (OTC-QB:GDSI) to acquire Remington as “attention seeking in it’s worst form”.

Outdoor Wire is working up a full story on it now. Could GDSI be playing a little of the old pump and dump? I should also note that I had extreme deja vu when I wrote this article, like I had blogged this before. I didn’t, but I came across this press release when it first came out, that they had taken on former Senator Scott Brown as an adviser and so I checked them out. Because Brown was out of office by that time, I didn’t think it was much of a story. But given that Scott Brown is being floated as a potential candidate for Senate in New Hampshire now, I think the fact that he’s involved with a smart gun company is something New Hampshire gun owners need to be asking him about.

9 thoughts on “Remington Responds to GDSI Unsolicited Offer”

  1. Browns involvement with a “smart gun” company is actually surprisingly shrewed politically. While New Hampshire is still well to the right of Massachussets when it comes to guns, he realizes he’s gonna still be attacked in the populated areas of the state and a vote for him will be seen as a vote for a the NRA or some such thing. By getting involved with a smart gun firm, he can essentially counter that argument by being on the forefront of developing the kinds of guns liberal voters claim to want (along with rainbow farting unicorns and world peace) without actually diong anything that mnight risk harming the second amendment at all (and therefore the ability to get libertarians minded NH types to vote for him).

    1. As a New Hampshire citizen, I can say that if Brown runs in NH he will run well behind the “generic Republican” and will probably lose to the extremely beatable Jeanne Shaheen. In a race between two Democrats, voters always pick the real one.

      Since Brown and Shaheen are both extreme anti-gunners, I have no reason at all to vote in that race, except that Brown would vote to organize the crooks in the Senate differently, which might benefit the cause. That’s extremely thin gruel and probably not worth getting on my bicycle for the two miles to the polling station in the elementary school.

      IF Brown is involved in this stock scheme, it could be enough to sink him; it would certainly be the end of his squeaky-clean image.

      He’s about as conservative as you can get in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, but NH is a different state. Last couple elections have been skewed by same-day vote registration and a state Attorney General who gundecks vote fraud cases, but fraud can only swing a close election.

  2. Been thinking of another do all pump gun, think I’ll go look at the 870’s this weekend.

  3. And in other news, I’m going to buy Fiat SpA and offer a free TrunkMonkey(tm) with each purchase of any of the following vehicle brands, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Ram Trucks, and SRT.

  4. As a former law enforcement officer, a firearms instructor for two decades and a former combat Marine, I know enough about firearms to know that I don’t care who passes what for a law, I will never own or use any “smart gun” for protection of myself or my family. Its just not a smart choice. There is a law that trumps any law that is Pro Smart Gun. That’s Murphy’s Law that says the very first time you really need this weapon for defense for real, it won’t work.

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