The Dam Begins to Break

From the LA Times:

Orange County has loosened requirements for carrying concealed weapons in public following a pro-gun ruling last week by a federal appeals court, officials said Thursday.

So Orange County has now gone effectively shall-issue. How many other counties will follow? Hopefully, at the end of all this, even LA will have to capitulate.

11 thoughts on “The Dam Begins to Break”

  1. This puts the antis at a disadvantage as it’s easier to maintain the status quo (May Issue) than it is to pull something back.

    There’s also an affect on the subsequent challenges of the 9th’s ruling. It’s a bit harder to say “Yeah, May issue is totally constitutional” when more counties in the area start to go Shall Issue.

    There’s also that people who apply for these permits and get them (or get denied by May issue nonsense) have a higher chance of becoming invested and turning activist.

    Though the big danger of May Issue states is that for several they’ve existed for decades with Shall Issue counties and Elite-only issue counties.

    That said Orange County going Shall Issue would be like Westchester county going Shall Issue.

  2. “Though the big danger of May Issue states is that for several they’ve existed for decades with Shall Issue counties and Elite-only issue counties.”

    That’s NY. Erie county (Buffalo) is may issue. Even if you get your permit (to own-you need one just to touch a pistol in this state) it may still have judge imposed restrictions on carrying. Niagara county (next one to the north) is shall issue.

    1. Yes, I used to live in Erie county.

      I have friends who live there and have gotten (and are getting) their permits.

      And from what they say the process is getting better. Much better odds of getting a permit, less odds of getting restrictions.

      Though they’ll still hit you to the wall if there’s a typo on your “recommendation letters”. And a lot of it seems to be the Buffalo police making sure you live in “the right” part of the city.

      Which all shows how onerous May Issue is.

  3. This is worth linking to again:

    To any anti-gunners reading: HAHAHA! Eat a dick.

    In a country where tens of millions have a license to carry, gun control would be a non-starter. And that’s how things are trending.

  4. What makes this more impressive is that Hutchens revoked a number of carry permits in Orange County after her appointment for failing “good cause”. Remember also she used to be a division chief in the LA Sheriff’s Dept.

    And this from Wikipedia at a Young Republican’s form in 2010: “If you want more guns and CCWs (concealed weapon permits), then you should vote for one of my opponents.”

  5. Easiest/quickest states to find official numbers for:

    Pennsylvania LCTF issued 2001: 101,206
    Pennsylvania LTCF issued 2008: 150,843
    Pennsylvania LTCF issued 2012: 245,444

    Source: portal/

    Texas CHLs issued 2001: 48,676
    Texas CHLs issued 2008: 85,973
    Texas CHLs issued 2012: 146,367

    Source: rsd/chl/reports/demographics.htm

    Florida CWLs issued 2001: 37,328
    Florida CWLs issued 2008: 177,625
    Florida CWLs issued 2012: 251,882

    Source: Licensing/Concealed-Weapon-License/Statistical-Reports
    Note: FL stats aren’t by calendar year. But that’s irrelevant to my point.

    So what do you think, guys? Is there a trend?

  6. Los Angeles County will have to be taken to court. They are already under consent decree concerning CCW issuance, and they ignored that. San Francisco County, Santa Clara County and Alameda County all will die on this hill, and will have to be sued into submission.

  7. Still, for those of us who have been around this for a while…did you ever think you would be reading this headline? Amazing!

  8. I have lived in OC and LA counties. it’s hard to tell the two apart at the borders, though by the time you get below Irvine (OC) it’s pretty obvious.

    With that in mind, there are going to be goodly numbers of OC carriers who will go into LA with their legal guns. It will be noticed and there will be test cases. publicity will be had. word will spread.

    it’s going to be an interesting ride. especially when people effectively living across the street are treated differently by their “public servants”. ahem.

    keep in mind that southern California weather is such that I generally moved about in a t-shirt and cargo pants with flip flops on most days. It’s harder to conceal with that uniform than you think (I carry in florida, which is hotter but the same kinda clothing). As great as this is, I suggest people think carefully before venturing around. sad but true in the land of $500 tickets for right on red.

  9. Some of you know I now live in Burbank, Californian now. After over 58 years in Pennsylvania I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse. I work hard to maintain my residency in PA and it ain’t that easy being 2700 miles away. IF Los Angeles County goes to shall issue, I might not have all the hassle of maintaining my steady legal residence in PA. Temp Work assignment might become permanent. Save me many long flights home. I hate LAX and I hate the traffic here. (Weather is to die for though)
    The bigger issue I have with moving here is having to register my long guns. But I will be happy to get my PPK out here as a start. (And I will have 60 days to register it after I bring it here)
    Big decision come June.

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