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From the Sherrif’s Office in Placer County, California:

Lt. Mark Reed, who reviews concealed weapons applications in Placer County, said local law enforcement often recommend alternatives to carrying a gun. For example, he said, many people apply because they carry around lots of money as part of their job. “If they could use a courier service, that’d be safer. … If I can offer a safer alternative, it negates the ‘good cause.’ “

This is exactly why you can’t have government officials deciding who does and who doesn’t get to exercise constitutional rights.  Can’t issue that battered wife a concealed carry permit, since a safer alternative is to sell her house and move out of state and away from her ex-husband.  Why give one to the gay couple?  It’s safer just to stay home, and maybe not look so gay.  But can we change this?  Hell no.  O.J. might get a pistol license.

Do California officials really believe there are more potential OJs out there than Deanna Skykes?

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  1. Back when I lived in Mass., the form had a line for “Reason for issue”, I think.

    The correct response then, now, and always will be: “For any lawful purpose”.


  2. Indiana is a shall issue state, but has a similar question about “Need”.
    My answer “Because I can’t throw a rock at 1000 feet/second.”

  3. “…and maybe not look so gay.”

    Ahh, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! You nailed it!

    Maybe the safest thing for the Korean convenience store owner in a predominantly black neighborhood with a high crime rate is to close shop, and move back to Korea.

    Perhaps the safest thing for anyone in their right minds is to sell everything they own at a loss, quit their jobs in a bad economy, and move the F*%$ out of California. That’s what I did!

  4. That is why, even though I live in NJ, I will be applying for my CCW.

    Bad idea! If you do, you will be turned down. If you are, you will forever have to explain on every single application in any state you move to that another law enforcement agency refused your permit and they will ask why. Whether they decide to believe you is up in the air – to them, another cop didn’t trust you with a gun. Is it fair? No, but it’s reality.

    Stick to getting the ones from states where you will be approved – Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire to name a few.

    Do no open that can of worms unless you absolutely have to. Even then, do it only under the advice of legal counsel. If you make even one mistake, they could turn you down and say that you even lied on your application. I dealt with a guy in Massachusetts who had that happen to him. He didn’t lie, he made a common mistake because of the way the application was worded and the chief who planned to turn him down anyway now had an excuse.

    That stuff follows you around for life, so do not go there without a lawyer and only do it if you absolutely must.

  5. This is unusual for Place County.
    It’s up in the Gold Country where normally it’s a historic right, and having guns is done and seen with a fairly relaxed attitude.
    This is evidence that Sacramento yuppie suburbanites, gangs, and San Francisco originals are moving up into that area (and into Law Enforcement there), since it’s on the way to vacation homes in places like Lake Tahoe.
    There’s more unincorporated area than citiy – and some excellent off-road riding throughout the entire county. Because it’s so wild and remote, it’s also one very good reason to allow carry in National Parks
    Most of the other north-western counties up in the mountains have a very different approach to the permitting process – they permit it!

  6. Bitter, do you know of any specific states that require you to say if you’ve been denied a CCW anywhere else? I’m licensed in UT, VA and NC, and don’t recall that question coming up once.

  7. MA has it, and as I recall, the old FL application I never got around to completing also had something along those lines. I have heard others talk about it as well. Basically, it’s usually a question if you have ever been turned down before. If it’s not over a disqualifier, I’m sure they wouldn’t cause a problem (other than perhaps a delay to check it out). But in a state like MA where you can get one if you don’t have any problems in your app, there’s no reason to sully your background.

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