Not Something You See Everyday

Lancaster County is taking a look at park rules, and getting rid of some. Among them are the rules banning firearms in county parks:

Currently, the regulations manual outlaws the carrying of firearms in county parks by anyone except law-enforcement officers.

“Obviously, that is not consistent with the Uniform Firearms Act,” Weiss said.

The Act authorizes people to openly carry handguns in Pennsylvania, or to carry them with a concealed weapons permit, anywhere in the state except for a few places, such as schools and court facilities.

Technically speaking, the act doesn’t authorize open carry. There’s just no law against the practice, and the UFA preempts the counties from making one. But that’s nitpicking. Lancaster County is doing the right thing here, and for that they should be commended. Most of the time, government loves to just add laws. You hardly ever see them looking existing laws over to see if they still make sense. We need more of this.

3 thoughts on “Not Something You See Everyday”

  1. “Proposed regulations specifically state “possession of a firearm within the park system shall be in accordance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms Act.””

    While not “authorized” by Title 18, open carry *is* “in accordance with” it, as it is not prohibited by state law.

    Since they’re proposed language does not require one’s carry to be “authorized” by state law, I don’t see an issue with the proposed language.

  2. I find it funny that the author mentions buying TEC-9s by the trunk load. That firearm has not been maunfactured since 1994. I would challenge the author to find one gun retailer in Pennsylvania with a “trunk load” of TEC-9s.

    Just another so called journalist editing a Cearsfire PA press release without doing any research. What a lazy POS excuse of a journalist.

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