Deaths in the Gun Movement

Most of the time that I spot an obituary in my Google alerts that reference a pro-gun organization, I almost always take a look at the site. I don’t know these people, but they stand out to me as someone I probably would have liked to know because they cared about the Second Amendment and did enough to stand up and defend their rights that their family thought that it deserved recognition in the few sentences granted to sum up an entire life of achievements. I respect that about those men and women.

I also think it’s important when membership in a pro-gun group is mentioned because it drives home a narrative that normal people are gun owners who will defend their rights. This isn’t about a bunch of unknown lobbyists in some far off corner of the country, it’s about real Americans who are your neighbors whether you live in New York or Arizona. People who don’t talk to many moderates who don’t really have strong opinions on the issue don’t realize how much that makes a difference.

I just thought about that final chance to send a positive message about gun ownership one last time with last night’s news that Dick Cabela died and also a google alert hit today for a father named Rick Daily. You’ve probably heard of one and haven’t heard of the other. Regardless, both men were clearly very big supporters of the cause.

One Response to “Deaths in the Gun Movement”

  1. P.A. Bigelow says:

    I Check your Site 3+ times a Day and Was Surprised to see the Obit link for Mr Daily. I did not know him and I just wanted to say this was a nice thing that you done. Here is another link listing the Obituary without the (Answer this to read more):