Zimmerman Never Knew About SYG

So much for that narrative, that our opponents have been crowing about since the incident, suggesting that Stand Your Ground emboldens ordinary people to turn into murderers because the law makes it easier for them to get away with. Makes you wonder when the gun control crowd will realize they can’t win over ordinary people if they only have contempt for them. That must also be why the gun control crowd is bitching at the poll results.

3 thoughts on “Zimmerman Never Knew About SYG”

  1. Although he has a cwl he is still..a democrat and democrats are notorious for not knowing what is going on all around themso,yes, I can see why he didn’t know about SYG.

  2. From what I can tell he wasn’t really a gun guy either. Didn’t he get a pistol after an officer recommended he do so? I think it was a dog attack that prompted it if memory serves.

  3. In my opinion, based on very few facts, Zimmerman was a little guy who thought a gun made him bigger. That confidence led him into a confrontation during which he felt his life was threatened.
    I could be wrong about that…

    But what I am pretty sure of, is that no matter the details of the case, Zimmerman’s life has been forever changed, and not for the better.

    Never mind the law, every bullet comes with a lawyer attached.

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