Remington Heads to Alabama

It’s kind of old news now about the Remington shift to Alabama. It is great that it’s causing Andrew Cuomo all sorts of political headaches in New York with the head of the union piling on that it’s the fault of anti-gunners that those jobs aren’t coming to New York.

However, I just had to link to this photo of the press conference attendance. Look at how many cameras are eager to be there so they can get coverage for their stations. Look at how many people are standing around waiting to take seats blocked by cameras so eager to cover the news. I can’t think of too many “we’re opening a new factory” announcements that get this much attention.

It must really frustrate the anti-gunners to see just how many people are excited by this news and that it’s really just causing headaches for their allies who pushed the extreme gun control bills.

9 thoughts on “Remington Heads to Alabama”

  1. They will try to spin this as, a “Redneck” Southern State welcomes gun company……
    Alabama is gaining , good, long term jobs, plus all the economic benefits in the surrounding areas.
    Think of the restaurants, housing markets, local stores that are going to grow because of a large factory, of skilled labor opening up.

    1. And they are making a product in America that actually sells in America too!


    2. Same Redneck Southern state makes a lot of Hondas and M-B as well.

      And secret Sikorsky helicopters.

      And rockets. It’s Rocket City!

      Huh. Busy little rednecks. Alabama has problems like anywhere else, but not because they aren’t trying to attract industry.

  2. The funny thing about this is that Governor Cuomo will act smug that they don’t need these jobs…but when it comes to arming New York police, do we really think that he’s not going to contract with gun manufacturers of some sort?

    Of course not! Because guns are only evil when they are made for dirty peasants law-abiding citizens.

  3. Similar to the scene in Colorado. New York already has enough unemployed that another 1500 won’t amount to spit in the ocean. If any of the workers move to Huntsville, then they were probably not Cuomo voters so good riddance.

  4. “You’d think New York would be doing everything to keep us. Instead, it passes a law that cripples us.” Fran Madore, president of United Mine Workers Local 717

    ‘ “recognition” (anagnorisis or “knowing again” or “knowing back” or “knowing throughout” ): a change from ignorance to awareness of a bond of love or hate… A plot with tragic reversals and recognitions best arouses pity and fear.’ From the Poetics of Aristotle [384-322 BC]

  5. Can’t wait. If any engineering positions open up, I might just apply for one…

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