Great News out of New Hampshire

With Bloomberg’s anti-gun coalition anxious to show that they could swing a purple state on the background check issue alone, they chose to target New Hampshire with a specific bill that was Schumeresque in its structure. Despite a misinformation campaign from the media, the bill has been pretty overwhelmingly defeated. The vote was 242-118, in a purple state over an issue the other side keeps consistently saying everyone just wants because its common sense.

They are kidding themselves. Their 2013 run is increasingly looking like the battle of the bulge. We just need to stay valiant and continue to push them back until they are crushed mercilessly and driven into political extinction, along with prohibition, and every other failed progressive experiment. They will work hard to target “no” votes in 2014. They can’t be allowed to succeed in defeating any of them.

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  1. On the fed levels some of the D Senators that voted with us will be hard to protect.

    Especially those that voted for a bunch of other O-Agenda items.

    It could be a repeat of what happened to the Blue Dogs in the House

    1. What are the odds they only voted with us because of their vulnerability, and they would fall right in line with Comrade Obama if re-elected?

      Bob Casey publicly supported an AWB after Sandy Hook. Do you think he would have favored an AWB if he was facing re-election in 2014 instead of 2018? I doubt it.

      1. Well that’s kind of the point.

        To really get to gun control it has to be toxic to both parties.

        And alas part of that means protecting Dems who are pro gun as much as it means punishing the ones who are anti gun

        (It goes without saying that the same should be tried with the GOP).

        There’s the natural problems of anti-gunners who won’t be removed from office, and when being pro gun isn’t enough to protect a politician.

        1. “And alas part of that means protecting Dems who are pro gun as much as it means punishing the ones who are anti gun”

          The problem is that we, as a group, are having a hard time believing them when they say that they’re pro-gun. Joe Manchin (of Manchin-Toomey fame) ran fairly aggressively as a pro-gun democrat.

          I can understand supporting the lesser evil we know and can work with (harry reid) when the alternative is someone worse, but why support a fair-weather friend when we have a better alternative?

          1. And not without good reason!

            If memory serves, a big part of the Dem takeover of Colorado was done by ostensibly pro-gun and gun agnostic Democrats.

            Ones that promised up and down they wouldn’t go for gun bans. And thus they were safe to vote for.

            Then once they got both chambers, the gov’s mansion, and a tragedy to exploit…

          2. There’s another issue at play as well: it’s nice to try our best to protect Democrats when we can…but when there’s another toxic issue at the table (Obamacare comes to mind, for some reason), what can we do when it overwhelms our desire to emphasize gun rights?

            Incidentally, this is more than a Democrat/Republican issue. The NRA (and gun rights activists in general) can only do so much to protect politicians from themselves!

            But that isn’t to say that we shouldn’t try…

  2. “It could be a repeat of what happened to the blue dogs in the house” You mean defeated and replaced with republicans? If we’re lucky.

      1. No, I meant like Bobby Bright, Gene Taylor, and Chet Edwards. Holden was a victim of redistricting. By the way,did he not vote to install Pelosi as speaker during his time in the house? Sorry if you miss him, but one democrat is as bad as another in my opinion. You may think otherwise.

  3. Our people have to get to the polls and stop making excuses. It also help if you throw some money towards a campaign or two.

    1. Very nearly. Apparently it’s not all that hard to get elected in NH if you have a lot of friends and your neighbors like you :)

      1. True Dat. But the 2012 election saw huge turnout with a lot of it same-day registrants, who then voted straight D ticket and then got back in the van to the next polling station. That swept in a lot of liberal Dems including David Borden, author of this backdoor-registration bill. Five people voted using my address, where I lived alone at the time. They used the names of the former owners’ family, all of whom are out of state now. The AG didn’t see anything to investigate (name his party!).

        Elizabeth Dinan, the author of the dishonest piece in Seacoast Online (website of the Portsmouth Herald and a bunch of other small seacoast papers), is a Democrat and gun control activist, who just happens to get a paycheck as a reporter. Not a rarity. Note that she quotes Borden but none of the bill’s opponents, except an out-of-state NRA email (we have the same NRA bozo PA does, he’s a total Fudd, useless and out of touch with NH).

        She must be sucking a lemon today. Every time something bad happens to a reporter an angel gets her wings.

        Borden is a physician and believes that gives him a unique insight into what must be done For The Childrenâ„¢, and we citizens are a bunch of noncompliant patients. Have a lemon, Dave. Prevents scurvy!

    2. YES. This means that reps will suffer actual consequences, in their own communities, for failure to represent the actual majority of their constituency.

  4. How come people don’t talk about the costs associated with the transfers? In my neck of the woods it is about $40

  5. I’m looking forward to hearing the lamentations of their women. Then we’ll have won.

  6. It was actually much closer than that. The final vote was over a gutted version of the bill, which replaced the original language requiring background checks with verbiage to form a committee to study gun violence. This gave Dems the opportunity to vote “no” and APPEAR to be 2A supporters, which many took advantage of, while other Dems were disgusted and just gave up – for now. The key vote that gutted the bill passed by only TWO votes. WAY too close. We have some work to do in NH to purge the Dems next election cycle.

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