The Derp… It Burns!

Thanks to Tam for this video highlighting the latest bad idea to come out of the firearms industry:

Best comment from over at Tam’s: “Well, that’s one way to teach folks not to teacup a gun.”

10 Responses to “The Derp… It Burns!”

  1. Zermoid says:

    OMG, what a stupid idea………

  2. Diane says:

    Is that a joke?

  3. Asdf says:

    Stupidest gun fag accessory, ever. I have a rule: never buy anything with the word like “tactical” or “operator” are used to advertise it. I don’t care what the Navy Seals use (or supposedly use). I’m not a Seal and never will be.

  4. Paul Kanesky says:

    You can’t fix Stupid!
    Paul in Texas

  5. HSR47 says:

    Video has been removed by user….

    I don’t suppose anyone has a working link to the video, or at least to a description of the product in question?

  6. Asdf says:

    It’s a bayonet that mounts to the bottom of your pistol magazine, with a quick-detach mechanism that replaces the floor plate. The video demo shows a fat middle-aged guy decked out in swat gear and stabbing stuff with it while muzzling himself in the face.

  7. MrPickle says:

    Oh, and of course what “tactical” product demo would be complete without cheesy heavy metal background music to convey a sense of “badass-ness”?

  8. Cymond says:

    It isn’t gone, it just moved. You can find their website and updated youtube video here: