Breaking News: New Jersey Court Ruling & Carolyn McCarthy

We have two breaking news items. One, a New Jersey Superior Court has ruled that local police departments can’t add their own forms and requirements above and beyond what is required by state law in order to issue FID cards and Purchase Permits. New Jersey courts used to routinely allow departments to disregard clear legal requirements, so if this indicates a shift in the attitudes towards guns by New Jersey state courts, it’s a welcome one.

The second breaking news items it that a prime leader of the Gun Control movement in the House, Carolyn McCarthy, is retiring. If Democrats become once again convinced that gun control is a losing issue, we might be able to earn ourselves a bit of peace. The leaders of the anti-gun movement have been getting old, and they may not be replaced by folks who are as zealous about it.

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  1. yeah, there are a LOT of PDs in NJ that lard on extra requirements to obtain FPID and P2P. It’s bad enough we have to do this stuff since 1966. One of the worst ones I have heard of was the requirement for references to be interviewed, in person at the PD, at a time of the PDs choosing. More routine add ons are extra forms asking about household members, letters to neighbors, notarization requirements, personal interview with PD requirements, on and on. The NJSP sent a letter out a year or two ago telling local PDs they were not to have any addons, but there were probably a few holdouts.
    Most of the credit here goes to the NJ2AS, whose Operation Ensure Compliance was aimed squarely at this, and got at least some of the bad actors to change their ways

      1. In that case, I’m going to send her a going-away case of Camels.

        Wait. Wasn’t Sarah Brady diagnosed with lung cancer several years ago?

  2. If Democrats become once again convinced that gun control is a losing issue, we might be able to earn ourselves a bit of peace.

    No, Sir. I am not fighting to a stalemate. Not this time. When momentum goes our way, I intend on working myself raw until these cretins are never able to deny civil rights again.

    I don’t want a stalemate. I want to win.

    PS: I understand you were not setting a line in your post, but your post proved an opportunity to tell the watching world exactly what we intend to do.

    1. I agree completely. We do need to continue to push back once they are on the run, but “peace” in this sense means we can stop fighting defensive battles that will determine our existence.

  3. I am impressed with the New Jersey decision, because whether their law is “clear” or not, the culture in NJ seems to be that municipalities can do as they damn see fit.

    This interests me more, because that was essentially the same issue I raised the last time I filed suit in Pennsylvania. Our Republican sheriff had added a “doctors note” requirement to the carry permit application process, that also was clearly in violation of the “uniform application” requirement in state law.

    I only “won” that one in the sense of making our own sheriff stop, because he mooted my suit by announcing that he was changing his mind, and not requiring the form, on the Friday before the Monday we were going to meet in court. I had been betting on, losing in the Court of Common Pleas, but then winning in Commonwealth Court, on appeal. I think he knew that, and didn’t want to get on the other sheriffs’ shitlist by creating a limiting precedent, so he denied me a decision by caving at the last minute.

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