McCarthy Involved?

This Newsday article has Carolyn McCarthy involved in the NICS deal:

“Mentioning the NRA and Carolyn McCarthy in the same breath is like oil and water,” McCarthy said. “They’re certainly nervous about their membership working with me. My side, my groups are nervous about me working wih Dingell and the NRA.”

Dingell’s office helped conduct daily discussions on the bill’s specifics, according to McCarthy spokesman George Burke, and McCarthy’s office signed off on the final agreement. Dingell was a co-sponsor of the first bill in 2002 and a co-sponsor of this year’s version.

I’m not much inclined to give too much credence to statements from McCarthy’s office that she was involved.  Of course they won’t want to paint her as an utter failure, and admit that she was sidelined.

The article also mentions, “McCarthy said the bill could reach the House floor for a vote this week.” which would indicate that it is not her own bill, which is already introduced.   We’ll see though.

There is some more clarity here:

Democrats agreed to allow up to 109,000 armed services veterans, placed into the NICS system for mental health reasons determined by a physician but not adjudicated by law, a chance to remove their names from the system.

Those with minor infractions, such as temporary restraining orders which have since expired, could also petition the state for removal from the system.

The federal government would also be barred from charging gun buyers or sellers for background checks.

I’m hoping such as merely includes that, and doesn’t indicate things like temporary restraining orders are the only thing that can be challenged.   We’ll have to see the bill though.  The NRA also notes that this isn’t yet a done deal, and they will oppose the bill if the deal goes sour.  I’m wondering if perhaps this was leaked to the press before it was really ready in an attempt to force one of the parties hands.

This would all be less nerve wracking if I trusted the Democrats on this issue, which I do not.