Gun Magazines Booming

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In the wake of the Dick Metcalfe pity piece in the New York Times, Ad Age was struck by the claims about the editorial policies at gun magazines and decided to take a look at trends in the outdoor magazines. Not surprisingly, they are outperforming the rest of the industry.

According to their report, the Alliance for Audited Media says that InterMedia Outdoor’s Handguns saw a 16% boost in circulation while sales at the newsstand increased 34%. Circulation for Guns & Ammo increased 7%, even though newsstand sales declined slightly. (However, they still only declined a fraction of the industry average declines.) They also note that American Rifleman increased its circulation 14% and America’s 1st Freedom saw an 8% boost in circulation. All of these circulation increases happened as the numbers were falling for the magazine industry as a whole.

7 thoughts on “Gun Magazines Booming”

  1. Ayup. But 1A also means that this will not be reported in MSM, so that no preference cascade develops.

  2. Unpossible. Gun ownership is down. This must be the same small group of extremists subscribing to multiple copies to stockpile stacks and stacks of magazines in their garage because the president is black.

  3. Sometimes I imagine you and Sebastian don’t have real jobs and just sit at home all day scouring the net for news of interest. Makes me worried when you have quiet days, but then I remember that you DO have real jobs. You need a link on your site enabling us to buy you a virtual beer to say thank you. Maybe I’m just missing it, but thanks, keep up the good work, and stay warm this week. :D

  4. Saw the headline and thought someone’s PMAG had failed explosively.

    Then… Oh. Ohhhh. THAT kind of magazine.

  5. Now that Bloomberg has more time on his hands and, if he finds out about this trend, he will start pushing for a limit on the number of pages in gun magazines.

    1. Considering the retromingnency of Bloomberg’s previous efforts, such a move on his part would vault the sale of the gun magazines even higher.

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