“It’s Working”

I think Miguel gets credit for the picture that speaks 1000 words for 2014. That’s a snap of Moms Demand Action Facebook page, where they note that their plans are coming together. Gun owners are lined up in compliance to their tyranny, and registering, as they properly should.

IT’S WORKING: Hundreds of gun owners lined up to register their assault rifles and high-capacity magazines with Connecticut state authorities before a Jan. 1 deadline.

I’m fairly certain they’d say the same thing if it were cattle cars we were lining up for. I’m not going to discuss my plans for “if this comes to my doorstep,” but I will say that lining up like the compliant fool they want everyone to be is not part of my plan.

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  1. HappuWarrior6 says:

    And just how does anyone know WHAT they are registering? How do you register a magazine anyway? “Yeah I’d like to register my 80 round magazine… And my AR-47.”

  2. I posted a protest comment, and dared them to delete the comment and ban me. Screen shots are captured, and if I am banned, I will publish. They are hypocrites!

  3. If that is truly a picture of people reigistering their rifles, then where the heck are the rifles? Don’t they have to bring them in physically to verify serial numbers? Serious question: I am unsure of the process.

    • Zermoid says:

      If all you need to bring is a list of guns then I’m sure there will be “errors” made on copying numbers and details.

  4. Chase says:

    I think you meant “Moms Demand Action.” Mom’s Demand Action sounds like your mom’s own personal petition.

  5. Yep, I got deleted and banned. Not surprising to anyone who is pro-gun and posted to an anti-gun site. Screenshots to follow.

  6. Aaron says:

    Here’s a more interesting part to quote:
    “The goal of the law is to have fewer of these assault weapons [sic] in circulation in the years to come.”

    How easy, how telling, to change the phrase “assault weapons” to Jews or Negroes, etc., etc. And so much for “no one wants to take your guns.”

    • Kirk Parker says:

      Wait wait wait wait wait.

      So it IS about banning and confiscation?

      I was told it wasn’t! Until it was, or something. Or did I just dream all this??? It’s so confusing…

  7. Aaron says:

    Chase, now that you’ve said that I’ll always think of MDA as a bunch of middle aged women pissed about not getting laid.

    Thanks a bunch. -_-

    • Kirk Parker says:

      Moms Demand Action is just about the most unfortunately-named group out there, other than those Islamists in the Phillippines (and with them their name is find, it’s just the acronym it forms.)

  8. Ed says:

    I think the mistake you make is re: “I’m not going to discuss my plans…”. Not that you should discuss them in painful detail, but these things should be out in the open. The anti-freedom crowd thrives not only on legislative victory, but on psychological ones, i.e. keeping gun owners cowed, fearful and in the closet.

    It’s time, I think, to unleash some psychological hell on them so that they realize they, and their servants, will be the ones suffering acute lead poisoning. Though after seeing the CT pictures, I’m starting to feel that they should already be suffering acute lead poisoning. Or, in the very least, severe rope burn above the collarbone.

    • Sebastian says:

      The only plan I’m willing to discuss is moving them out of state until I can get myself moved out of state. I’d note that this would involve making them much much more easily accessible to ambitious criminals than they would be sitting in my safe at home, but if they force my hand….

      • Ed says:

        Eventually, you run out of states to move them to (that’s their end game, at least). A line in the sand well in advance of that eventuality is probably a better idea.

        • The Founders moved away from England before they started shooting Redcoats in the face.

          It wasn’t until the Puritans and other political/religious exiles had been literally driven to the edge of the English speaking world and regulars invaded their homes to seize provisions and firearms that they resisted by force of arms.

          I think it is worthwhile considering the “moving box” as a valid option somewhere after the “jury box” fails. Honestly, if half the gunowners in CT, NY, and CA moved to “swing states” we would easily “take back” the Senate at the Federal Level, possibly get a pro or neutral-2A candidate into the white house, and shore up a half dozen or more states on the 2A issue.

          • Brad says:

            More commonly called ‘voting with your feet’, and a perfectly valid response in our Federal Republic.

            My own assessment of gun politics in the U.S. is that our side is winning. Only some states have solid anti-gun majorities, while the rest of the nation is solidly in the hands of pro-gun majorities. We are on the path to an eventual total victory over the anti-gun cultists.

            It’s a bad analogy, but think of the anti-gun states as if they are like the last states in which slavery was still legal while the rest of the nation is Free America. Of course the sad part of this analogy is that I expect things will only get much worse before they get better in the anti-gun states, the experience of 2013 being a pretty good example of this.

            • Brad says:

              Scratch the slavery analogy. Much better analogy is the Wets vs Drys of the alcohol prohibition debate.

      • Zermoid says:

        I tend to think more in the terms of long term subterranean storage as a final solution, the rest are delaying tactics.

  9. Bill says:

    I also like the cropping of the photo on the MDA facebook page. The original photo shows the line ends just behind the last guy in their photocrop.

    One is too many, however.

  10. Rich Paul says:

    So I went to their Facebook page and posted a bunch of pro-gun points to counter their argument. Their response was to scrub my comments and ban me from their page. Cowards!

    • We call it “reasoned discourse” around here. When they say they want a discussion, they really mean they want you in a boxcar.

  11. Gunnutmegger says:

    While it warms my heart to hear fellow gun owners getting feisty, I am disheartened by the lack of information that they have armed themselves with. And let’s all remember that big brother is watching while we discuss this.

    Example: CT already has a registry of every gun purchased in the state since the 1970s. It’s called a DPS-3-C form, and it has to be completed every time you buy a gun. Are the forms digitized and sortable? No, not yet. But they will be. And when that happens, they will cross check the records against the people who have registered their assault weapons, and start going after the discrepancies.

    Up until the time that this bullshit law was passed, long guns could be exchanged in private sales without paperwork, which will account for many of the discrepancies. But there will also be people who beat their chests and scoffed at the registration and decided not to register.

    Those people better have a plan to deal with the knock that will be coming to their door. Hopefully that plan will not be to whimper and comply, but that would be the way I would bet.

    Lest you think that I approve of this registration scam, rest assured I do not. But open defiance will land us in jail, or subject us to punitive forfeiture laws and a criminal record.

    Better for us all to learn the ways of Saul Alinsky, and bleed the beast dry, until the lawsuits against this illegal law (passed under a false claim of emergency situation to avoid the required public debate and committee review) make their way through the courts.

    It’s the only intelligent option we have in CT right now.

    • I hope those in Free States have been taking notes and making use of that “private sale loophole.”

      Unpapered lower receivers FTW.

    • Oh, and I’d say waiting for the JBTs to come literally to your door is a shitty plan if you do not plan on submitting right then and there.

      If you choose not to submit, the JBTs will cordon your house with a mechanized infantry platoon. They will then deploy a mech inf squad with light armored vehicle to breach the home, if you’re lucky; if they really don’t like you, they’ll just deploy incendiaries and burn you out.

      If they breach the home, it will be “weapons hot” with a no-knock raid. The infantry squad will probably kill your dog if you have one; hopefully you just end up proned out, but they may shoot you and your family too.

      It is really a pretty shitty plan to shout “I WILL NOT COMPLY!” if your family is in the home.

      The lawsuits will almost certainly fail and the laws will be upheld under intermediate scrutiny, at least until SCOTUS steps in to help, which I doubt they will. If you’re not planning on moving, and you’re not planning on getting your family out of dodge and becoming a felon, you plan on submitting, hiding or dying in place. Sorry. :-\

      The best plan of action I can see for those not willing to die in place or kiss Gov Malloy’s ring is to move the items out of state temporarily then MOVE yourself on a disciplined plan. Freedom is a four hour uhaul ride away.

  12. Gunnutmegger says:

    Chris from AK has the right mindset.

    We must be the Viet Cong, the Alinsky.