Monday Pre-Holiday Link Fest

I’ll be visiting with relatives most of this week, which I’m sure is the case with many of you. But I’ve been gathering some news. This is one of those days when I have a lot of ideas for a post, but not a whole lot of time to actually type it all out. For now, here is the news:

The real reason MAIG and MDA got together!

Why we carry.

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Uncle bets that it was easier for Chris Cheng to come out as gay in the gun community than it was to come out as a gun guy in California.

An I’m a gun owner, but….” guy turns out to work for OFA. I wouldn’t make the mistake of believing those guys aren’t out there. They are. But there have been times when I’ve become convinced it’s a tactic by our opponents.

Hollywood is planning to make a series slamming the National Rifle Association. The only way to hurt them is to stop consuming their crap. Cut the cord! Support unbundling!

Hope for Chicago? If inner city voters stop believing their politicians’ nonsense about the high crime rates being a result of weak gun laws, those politicians will be in a lot of trouble. Then they’ll actually have to do something.

It’s not that I hate your company.” I totally sympathize. I probably get three of these types of things a day.

Dave Kopel looks at Colorado Sheriff’s duty to enforce statutes.

Seattle has settled a lawsuit with the Second Amendment Foundation.

More disabled people oppose assault weapons restrictions. So do the federal courts want to pretend that the Second Amendment rights of disabled people don’t matter?

If gymnastics was easy, they’d call it football.

7 thoughts on “Monday Pre-Holiday Link Fest”

  1. The “Hollywood is planning to make a series slamming the NRA” link goes to the same place as the link above (“I’m a gun owner but….”)


    1. My google search came up with a Breitbart article about The Purge movie.

  2. Probably because no one cares about his personal sexual habits. We didn’t care when we thought he was straight. Still don’t care.

    In general the gun rights movement has been very well disciplined about not involving itself in unrelated moral/political issues.

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