A Gift For Our Side, Really

TBCKADOOT blogs about pant loads of PSH. It’s kind of like someone green lighted everyone in the media to say “It’s OK to hate on gun owners again.” One of my big fears headed into 2012 was that gun owners would be mostly asleep, and not really concerned about threats to their gun rights, since there weren’t any obvious and apparent threats, only subtle ones. Additionally, the media really did get better about the issue for a while.

Well, that’s not the case anymore. This has been a stern reminder for people on our side that they hate you. They hate everything about you just for the fact that you have a hobby and a philosophy that they find objectionable. That’s why I’m a big fan of pulling the plug and canceling your subscriptions to the local partisan rags. Starve the beast. I’ve even researched whether I could report the Bucks County Courier Times for littering on my property when they deposit one of their uninvited promotional copies on my lawn (still not sure the answer there). There are plenty of other publications and news sources out there that do a good job of reporting and analyzing the news.

Next is to show up at the polls and vote for pro-gun politicians in 2012. Our opponents are re-energized, and believe they can now beat us. I think they are counting their chickens before they hatch. They just don’t understand what a force our people can be when they get scared.

3 thoughts on “A Gift For Our Side, Really”

  1. I heartily concur. If they’re not on our side, they are our opponents. Stop sending them money, reduce their subscription numbers (which will reduce their advertising revenues) and find pro-gun organizations to spend your money with.

    I used to live in an area in which Bi-Lo grocery stores didn’t operate; I have moved, and recently learned that Bi-Lo is anti-gun; despite now living adjacent to a Bi-Lo store, I didn’t shop at Bi-Lo because other food retailers had better prices, now that I know Bi-Lo is anti-gun I won’t set foot in the place. Same reason I selected the bank I now use: they don’t have the “no concealable weapons allowed” sign on the door.

    They’re either for us or against us. It’s important whom you decide to support.

  2. Yeah, this is a wake-up call. We have to remember to vote for a President who respects the Second Amendment. That eliminates Obama and Romney, of course.

  3. File a small claims complaint against them for trespass and nuisance. You won’t get much money, and it’ll be an inconvenience, but you can represent yourself whereas they have to hire a lawyer.

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