Post-Holiday Link Dump

It was nice to take a break from blogging over the holiday as well, but I still keep track of everything so I don’t miss any real big news.

Why we oppose registration. There have been numerous instances if it being used to facilitate confiscation in this country. It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you. More here.

A new anti-gun tactic?

Sheriffs in Colorado don’t have standing to sue over the recent gun control laws. This doesn’t kill the case, however.

The logic of violence.

Fortunately, I did not encounter any MAIG placemats this Thanksgiving.

Uncle makes a prediction on a new Glock. I hope he’s right.

A civilian legal G36? Looks better than the previous attempt.

NSSF is considering leaving Newtown. I wouldn’t stay where I’m not welcome.

Evolving Christian attitudes towards personal and national defense.

But I thought they just wanted a few common sense gun laws?

2 thoughts on “Post-Holiday Link Dump”

  1. I guess the NSSF is considering moving just like Magpul said it would leave CO. Seems that Magpul is quick to say it’s making products outside of CO but it won’t say where. Oh well. I’ll support and eastern PA based company and buy Lancer products.

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