NSSF Considered Leaving Newtown

This is interesting. According to an AP interview with NSSF’s CEO, they considered moving their Newtown headquarters where they have been for 20 years in response to the shooting there.

The article says that even though they didn’t get political until the gun control proposals that would hurt the industry were brought up, their employees who were also impacted by the shooting were still bothered by neighbors who complained about their presence.

8 thoughts on “NSSF Considered Leaving Newtown”

  1. It doesn’t apply to this situation since it looks like NSSF is staying put, but I hope the gun related re-locations we’ve seen aren’t broadening the culture gap.

    I have no experience there, but the anti-gun environment seems to be horrendous in CT. Especially on the part of LEO based on some news articles I’ve seen.

    And Senator Murphy of CT is a gigantic douche. The way he tried to lean on NASCAR to ditch the NRA sponsorship, then doing something similar with Starbucks and the carry issue really irked me. I mean voting for and even proposing gun control is one thing. But using your position as a senator to interfere with and push your personal opinions on private businesses just makes you an asshole.

    Seriously, I hate that guy.

  2. I live in Connecticut. I made four trips to Hartford in three months talking to every state rep and senator I could get my hands on from January of this year through March. Have you ever spoken at length to a stone wall? That was pretty much the experience I had.

    I spoke at length with some of the Million Mom marchers while waiting on line to get into the State House. I asked what would make them happy and secure as regards to gun laws. They weren’t sure. I offered up a list of every gun owner’s worst possible laws list – ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN, GUN RATIONING, MICRO-STAMPING, CONCEALED CARRY VAGARIES. They looked me straight in the eye and said that would be a great start.

    As to my Federal Senators, I’ve got one who is a complete busy-body douche bag and the other just helped kill the Filibuster in the Senate, destroying a system put into place by Jefferson. This is the same knuckle head who lied about his military career trying to pump up his image during his campaign. A regular paragon of virtue he is.

    The best/worst of it is I live in a fantastic town. I love it here. Anytime I”m close to mother ocean I feel good. It’s a republican enclave in what is a very deep blue state. The people are great, the town is well run and the taxes are low. Plus I live a half mile from my gun club. How great is that?! So I’m going to stay. I’m going to keep voting and bringing new shooters to range. Trips to Hartford to bother my politicians give me an excuse to stop at Sal’s for pizza in New Haven on the trip home. I’m going to take a page from Capt. Picard’ playbook and say “This far, no further.”

    Besides somebody is going to have to stay and fight the rear-guard action as everyone falls back to Texas!

    1. Richard Blumenthal would be about the worst anti-gunowner senator one could be saddled with — but Chris Murphy is actually even worse.

      And my representative, Jim Himes, is right in there.

      Not only is our governor anti-gunowner, but so is the leading Republican who wants to replace him.

      And don’t get me started about our attorney general, who USED to be our top enemy in CT — until the above bunch came along.

    2. I have joined the new Sandy Hook group.

      They want “to come together and talk, from every point of view” with “understanding and genuine communication” and without “bitterness and partisanship.”

      “They are not opposed to people owning guns and they respect the Second Amendment” and “would like the conversation to shift, almost radically, to one of understanding and genuine communication.”

      Okay — sounds good. Let’s see.

    3. “I’m going to take a page from Capt. Picard’ playbook and say “This far, no further.””

      So I take it, given that your chance of reversing CT’s gun control legislation through the ballot box in the next generation or so is approximately zero, that you will just “not comply?”

      Really, there is no “fighting” (politically at least) in the Tory dominated states. Your neighbors likely want you dead or in a cage. Tories in your life WILL rat you out to Malloy’s storm troopers if you openly defy the law. The storm troopers WILL kick in your door at 0300, shoot your dog, and if you’re lucky, you’ll just be facing a minimum mandatory sentence and life-destroying felony conviction. If you’re not lucky, they’ll torch your house with incendiary tear gas and some family members may end up with bullet holes in them.

      So, you’ll either comply or you’ll bury your guns or stash them out of state. Either way, the freedom you cherish will be extinguished within a generation or so if you keep your family “behind the lines.”

      Unless you are somehow involved in a court case, running an underground railroad for people trying to escape from New York, or have decided to accept the costs of resistance (including non-violent passive resistance, because you think it will win a PR battle for the cops to sic attack dogs on your children a la Bull Connor), you aren’t “fighting” in any effective manner.

      I was born in CT, my wife is from CT, and there’s no f’ing way I will ever go back there voluntarily. About the only thing CT still has going for it on the 2A front is de-facto “shall issue” for pistol permits in most cases and how long do you think that is going to last?

      “Where liberty dwells, there is my country.”

      Freedom is just a short Uhaul ride away. Vermont, NH, and PA are not that far and they all have substantially better gun laws. Heck, you could move to Canada and probably have lower taxes and enjoy better gun laws.

      I’m sorry, but it is the truth. You are never rolling back these laws through the legislature because the problem isn’t just “voting the bums out.” The problem is that he citizenry in CT has swung decisively against personal liberty. You are surrounded by Tories.

  3. Well, if Yankees move to Texas, leave the LIBERAL BS behind. We’re starting to get kalipornicated with the influx of refugees from socialist states seeking jobs here. Not to mention the illegals that used to vote for more freebies from the socialists that did get elected.

    As to the socialist states of “new England”, east and west coast, I can’t understand how anyone could stay there. I’m anti-government regulation of health in any way and am unlikely to get an abortion at 62 and male, but I’ll keep voting for the bible thumpers if the other choice is some socialist that is going to give away the store in the hopes a magic unicorn shows up to save the day.

    If things continue, I can foresee the U.S. breaking up into 3 countries and a few city/states.

  4. Well if comes to that all my bullet wounds will be in the front and my body will be found on top of pile of spent brass and empty magazines.

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