Gun Industry Health

SayUncle has a pretty good summation of how the gun industry is doing.  In short, hunting continues to decline, while the shooting sports and self-defense markets are running hot.  I think the industry’s efforts to attempt to revive hunting are important, but agree with Uncle that they should recognize who’s driving their business right now.

4 thoughts on “Gun Industry Health”

  1. I think some of the comments about the demise of hunting are exaggerated at the moment. People are panic buying, and they are buying items that they fear will be banned first. Obama’s rhetoric on the issue followed the party line about mostly being about hunting. Rightfully so, people aren’t concerned about common hunting rifles being targeted at the moment.

    This doesn’t mean that I am in denial about the decline in hunting. It just means that I think anyone who is using numbers or observations from the last few months is very likely going to find that it’s not nearly as clear cut as it seems.

  2. If this recession is real then some may actually take up hunting not for sport, but for food. Many folks are aginst hunting for aport reasons. Why kill if no need for the food?

    Wildlife management is a reason but that doesn’t resonate with a city dweller. But if the idea that hunting for food takes off like gardens for food took off a few years ago, then there may be a resurgence.

    Getting the youngsters interested means getting them started around 7-9 before social pressures and interests and video games become the main interest.

    Lack of public hunting grounds is also a problem.

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