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SayUncle has a video highlighting a new AR-15 trigger system. It looks to me like a semi-auto trigger, just one where the characteristics of the trigger change if you switch it to the fun setting. My guess is that the switch makes it a hair trigger, which is easier to fire faster. If you look at the video, it looks like the shooter is squeezing for each round fired.

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just put a good trigger in your AR, though. The primary benefit, that I can see, is that it allow you to look all cool to the other dudes at the range by flipping your selector to the “auto” setting. The marketing seems to suggest this special trigger will make you a total high-speed, low drag, badass. Because of this, I expect it will sell well.

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  1. From the sound of it, the trigger is actually ‘reactive’ much like the Tippmann RT paintball guns (and the original Automag RT which first introduced the concept). After firing, the trigger is reset forward with more force than the trigger pull weight itself (and apparently the 3MR trigger has to only move 20 thousandths of an inch for the reset). By carefully applying finger pressure to the trigger, you can get full-auto-ish action while still being semiauto (yank the trigger hard enough and you get only one shot). At least in the paintball world, it takes a bit of practice to really get the technique down, so I imagine the 3MR will still need a bit of trigger finesse.

  2. Cool. If enough people have things like this and the slidefire, the distinction between these and actual machine guns narrows. If they’re functionally equivalent (or reasonably close) then the argument for banning one and not the other becomes silly. Not sure how they can ban pulling the trigger quickly, although I guess they tried when the Senate tried earlier this year to ban most semi-autos. Ahh, Democrats (and Toomey(R), apparently) – actually trying to take away our guns time and again.

    1. You could not be more wrong. Making them functionally no different from full autos is what will cause them to be banned.

          1. If they try to ban semi-autos, perhaps even the Fudds will join those of us who respect the 2nd Amendment.

          2. Then they are the problem, not us. Don’t fight those that support your rights.

        1. A ban on all semi-autos.

          Or maybe a ban on semi-autos that have been “deemed” to be “too quick”.

          A mandate to put in “shot clocks” so that you can only pull the trigger after a certian amount of time has passed.

          Or a ban on modifications to “increase the rate of fire”, yeah that is very nebulous and could be applied to even ban low recoil ammunition.

          Don’t doubt the creative incompetence of the antis.

  3. Never found a better AR trigger than the Geissele in my rifles.
    It almost reads my mind.

  4. Many people claim that there is no reason to fight the ’86 MG ban, but the fact is that the AR is the most popular long gun in the nation, and there is a good deal of market pressure for people to have the option of full auto.

    Since full auto cannot be done legally at a price that is anything resembling sane, companies are trying to fulfill that demand with workarounds. Is it gimmicky? Of course it is, but since the law is ridiculous, it is the only viable option we have, short of forking over a year’s pay to have full auto.

    1. ^^^ This. ^^^

      The MG ban is not a ban on posession or transfer. It is a ban on supply.

      Which of course drastically raises the price well for us commoners. People working for the gov can buy them new.

      Which suits many of the antis as they are prefectly fine with the “right” people (wealthy or state employed) having guns.

  5. Go pick up your .223 now, before people start burning twice as much of it across the country playing with their triggers.

    (Markley pun…? Yeah, why not.)

  6. A simple extension off of the trigger that would force the trigger forward when hit by the recoiling bolt would do the same thing, wonder if that’s basicly how it works, only with a selector to raise and lower the extension possibly?

    Damn, this gives me ideas for my guns now……….

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