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Still not much gun news out there folks, so this one will venture off topic a bit:

Burlington, Vermont want themselves some more gun control. Vermont does have preemption, meaning the state legislature would have to approve, which apparently they aren’t in the habit of doing.

Another Bloomberg mayor bites the dust. This time it’s 28 years in prison for corruption.

It’s really DC versus the rest of America. I think in 1992, if Ross Perot hadn’t turned out to have one too many bats in his belfry, he could have had a chance. The climate is much much more primed for a populist revolt today. So I think the answer to this question is increasingly becoming yes, but it would take the right person, and the right party with the right ideas.

No evidence the Democrats can take back the House.

An act of Civil Disobedience. Excellent work.

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  1. Well, the GOP *was* basically a third party that emerged from the wreckage of the Whigs. The Democratic party is better at re-inventing itself, the Republicans (and predecessors) better at the re-forming itself. So we’ll see

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