Another Recall Effort in Colorado

Evie Hudak is similarly situated to Morse in terms of her district and margin in the last election. She was previously targeted for recall but organizers came up short on signatures. Now they are trying again. I’m torn between suggesting we shouldn’t press our luck and being amazed at what can happen when our people rise up in anger. Elections are the ultimate throw down in terms of the political game. That’s where you find out what each side is really made of, with reputations being both made and squandered. The first two went well. Should we risk all that on a third? Given that I tend toward caution, and I’m up in the air about it, that probably means trying a third is a wise decision.

7 Responses to “Another Recall Effort in Colorado”

  1. Bitter says:

    I disagree with you, but not because I don’t think it’s not worth a try for the district. My concern is just that it takes so long to go through the process, and by the time someone else is elected, they will already need to be well on their way to re-election in the 2014 race. Running two campaign, fundraising two campaigns, and never letting up for months on end can really annoy lower information voters. (I don’t mean strictly low information voters, I mean even those who are somewhat more informed on the issues, but who don’t recognize the complications of running simultaneous campaigns.)

    • Jack says:

      Indeed. The gap between when the recall election could be held and when the normal election happens is important.

      That said if they weren’t too close together and the motivation is there…

    • Sebastian says:

      Of course, the complication works both ways. It makes things difficult for the incumbent too.

  2. Stephen says:

    One thing about Hudak is that unlike the other two she is NOT up for reelection in 2014 — her term wouldn’t end until the 2016 election. So if we’re going to get her out we’ve got to do it now.

    I was against doing the first 2 recalls because both of those were against senators who had to run again in 2014 and it seemed like a waste of effort and $. But since the recalls succeeded … I’m retroactively a big fan ;-)

    Hudak’s district is in Suburban Denver. A fairly conservative area and not a bad place to fight Dem’s but not quite as safe as Colorado Springs/Pueblo. It all comes down to those Westminster and Arvada soccer moms and the numbers they come out to vote in.

    And of course this time they have to get enough signatures to make the recall happen at all. If they get over that hurdle … well, they still have a secondary hurdle.

    • Bitter says:

      Ah, okay, so that changes the terms of the situation. I didn’t realize that she was in until 2016. In that case, yes, go for it.

      They may get more signatures now that there have been two successful recalls. Many people may have been pessimistic that they would happen and wouldn’t have wanted to waste the resources. Now, their calculation may have changed.

  3. Patrick says:

    We had an issue in Maryland where some wanted to have a referendum on the bills passed earlier this year. Not a problem until you realize that getting the signatures would have required not attacking the law in other ways (courts, etc.). There it was a “pick one, but not both” option.

    I think in Colorado it looks like you could do both. I see the GOP is pissed about the whole thing and that alone makes me suggest they should go for it.

    I am waiting to see who this group behind the recall is made of. The website is murky on that point. My real fear is that this is a “group” of 1-2 people who are more interested in the donations than the recall. I hate to even suggest it, but we know that the folks who ride coattails are sometimes not the caliber we need. In anything. If they are legit (still waiting to know who is behind it), I would be happy to contribute.

    If we had a recall option in Maryland, we would have exercised it by now. As it stands, we got our general elections next year.

  4. Richard says:

    The state chair for the Republican party is against it. This means it must be a good idea. He was against the other two also. He (and his predecessor) are a big part of why the Republicans lost CO. When you have all of these off cycle elections, it means the establishment can’t get it’s RINOs lined up to run.