The Coming Fight

Another good article in Politico about the coming floor fight. They make the mistake of thinking the NRA is a singular behemoth, rather than an organization backed up by millions of concerned Americans. They note, “Gun control groups are also prepping for a longer fight.” I’m really quite tired of every election being the most important ever, but you can see from the recent escalation after the 2012 loss, the 2014 elections are shaping up to be exactly that. In losing many past “not to be lost” elections, we’ve squandered quite a bit. We can’t afford to squander anymore. If we go down in 2014 and suffer heavy losses in key races, it’s going to be the end of us. It’s going to be an all hands on deck situation, or we’re going to suffer losses that make the 90s look tame.

3 thoughts on “The Coming Fight”

  1. Well, if past conservative behavior is any indication, they can’t be relied upon to vote based on predicitons, but they can be counted on to vote for revenge.

  2. Now we understand why all those elections were “the most important ever.” We lost them and Obama/Feinstein/Schumer and company kept positioning themselves until the situation was right — and now it is.

    As you’ve stated several times i think they also realized it was a turning point — either they had to win or accept losing forever because the culture was becoming too accepting of guns/concealed carry/etc.. This was/is their last chance to change the culture back to the point where gun people are Pariah’s that can be beaten on and further regulated at a whim (as they are in New York).

    I figured to see that spread through the East first, but it boggles the mind that they’ve made that decision here in Colorado that we are also fertile ground. If we can’t turn these bastards out here in the next election in a meaningful and resounding fashion … the gun grabbers have seized triumph right out of the jaws of defeat and I don’t see when it will ever turn the other way.

    Are all we gun guys in Colorado really already included in the republican minority that can be ignored in an election? i honestly don’t think so, but sadly I’m afraid the Dems probably have some reason to believe we are or they wouldn’t be going after us with such tunnel vision fervor.

    I’ve not been scared about completely losing my gun rights since 1999. Now I am.

  3. The article notes the NRA is focusing on assclown Bob Casey. PA residents need to give him a call.

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