Government Overspending is Your Gain

Normally, as a taxpayer, you’re just screwed when the government spends beyond its means and finds itself desperately in debt with no feasible means to get out. But, if you’re a gun collector, well, time to benefit at least a bit from Harrisburg, PA’s misfortune of a terrible Democratic mayor who focused on using resources to buy up “Wild West” collectibles at the expense of ignoring major infrastructure needs.

They are running another two days of auctions and have gun-related items as novel as an arrest warrant for the thief of a Colt Revolver to lots and lots and lots of very old guns. (I didn’t link nearly all of them, just the ones that caught my eye.)

While the residents of Harrisburg enjoy their view of the ever-expanding sinkhole collection around their city, you can buy up what’s left of the city’s gun collection – hopefully at reasonable prices.

5 Responses to “Government Overspending is Your Gain”

  1. AZRon says:

    During the late 70’s – early ’80’s, I bought several firearms through Phoenix police auctions. (it was a long time ago…it might have been the state or the county holding the bidding, I just don’t remember for sure.)

    Whoever was holding the auctions, the money went into the “Gov’t” funds, hopefully deferring further liability on taxpayers. Ya’ know, the money needed for putting up Barrycades, telling me when to drink water and such.

    Contrary to talking-head beliefs, every buyer was vetted by law enforcement officials. Every gun was accounted for as was every buyer. I keep hearing the idiots talk about “loopholes”. It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. It seemed like a win-win to me.

    Young and unsupported, I bought mostly cheap crap. But there’s one that I regret selling. A Savage 1907 .32 ACP. I think I paid $30.00 for it and later traded it for an Evinrude 35HP. But hey, I needed a boat motor, and he wanted a pistol. No nonsense, no bu11sh1t, just a handshake deal between two friendly neighbors. Good Lord, think of the liability that I’d face now.

    When will one of our elected and paid representatives get mainstream media coverage, stand up saying “these bastards are lying to you” and get the respect that they (we) are due.

    I’m hoping that Ted Cruz can continue on his path. I’m praying that Rand Paul can shrug off his fathers’ weirdness, and I’m hoping that Mr. Issa stays relentless. Without getting too political, Mr. transparent has several binders full of unanswered questions.

    Hope: went from 85 – 0% quicker than John Force covered a quarter mile.
    Change: Yeah we got that, at what cost to liberty?
    Transparency: 0
    Petulent: 100

    CIC Brat needs a good spanking, but I ‘spose that makes me a racist.

    I’ve been around since Ike was in office, and I’ve disagreed with certain policies of every President (yes, even Reagan), but I have NEVER seen such an obvious contempt for the citizenry (subjects…us).

    They seem to thrive upon rejecting logic. If they want to man a sinking ship, that’s their business, I just don’t want to be forced aboard.

  2. Woody says:

    The 25% buyers premium turned me off. The highest I’ve paid was 15 and thought that was plenty.

    • Bitter says:

      I believe that’s because the city isn’t paying the typical fees that a seller would. I think part of their agreements are to keep the city from spending any more money at all.

  3. Zermoid says:

    Why in the hell did our state buy this pile of crap to begin with?
    Or was it seized from someone doing something illegal?

    Most of it is Arizona, New Mexico, and I forget the others, historical documents and photos that I have little to no interest in, and doubt many Pennsylvanians care about either! A few old guns, knives, swords and such that while interesting I think are mostly overpriced starting bids, and again I saw nothing of local historical significance, admittedly I did not look at everything but what I did skim thru was for the most part stuff that just kept making me think “WTF did PA buy this stuff???”.

    • Bitter says:

      Our state didn’t buy it. A former MAIG mayor had a personal interest in the “Wild West,” so he apparently used city resources for plans to build a museum with all the crap he was collecting. I believe I read that he claimed he was going to build this great museum for Harrisburg that focused on westward expansion. Nevermind that it has nothing to do with Harrisburg, just his pet hobby. But, he spent money on it anyway.

      Obviously, it never panned out. In the meantime, not only did they have to pay for all that crap, but they also had to pay to store it. They have been slowly auctioning it off over the last few years after he left office.