Thursday News

The news cycle is all shutdown, shutdown, shutdown. Have you noticed the shutdown? I haven’t. I have you visited the new Obamacare exchanges at I don’t think the site works at all. I could have created a site that doesn’t work like that in a few hours. Anyways, the news:

If you give them the toys, don’t be surprised when they start looking for excuses to play with them.

Fast an Furious was so successful, they decided to try the same thing with cigarettes. Of course, guns kill people. Everyone knows that cigarettes don’t.

You can’t handle the dumb” Yep. The ignorance burns. And they vote.

Apparently a recent court filing “connected the NRA to spaceships, X-ray beams, and anti-gravity technology.” I’m kind of pissed they haven’t shared the anti-gravity technology with the rest of us.

CNN to drop Piers Morgan. They note “One group that will likely be happy that CNN is pulling the plug on Morgan in prime time… the NRA.” I don’t see why. He’s almost as good a recruiting tool as Obama. Clearly they’ve never read this book.

For people who used to complain that no gun control group favors a total gun ban, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence isn’t being very convincing.

5 thoughts on “Thursday News”

  1. Looks like CSGV fancies throwing two completely separate issues together. “Free” health care and no guns?

  2. How do they expect doctors and other health care professionals to work for free without putting a gun to their head?

  3. So, the reason the exchanges aren’t up is because of the federal government shutdown? I thought they were being run by the states.

    Truth told, I’m actually working on a project that interfaces with an exchange. A week before go-live, they redefined the meanings of the terms ‘live,’ ‘working,’ and ‘production.’ Three days before go-live, they redefined ‘October 1st’ to be ‘October 14th.’ Of course my stuff has been ready for them to test for over a month.

    On the 14th, we may or may not have a partiarlly functioning system. Still, it feels like I’m working on the Death Star.

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