Recall Roundup

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Gun nuts and potheads living together. Mass hysteria!

Well, when you try to deny people’s civil rights, there should be swift consequences.”

Victor Head, a plumber who had never been politically active, took down a senator in a district that went Democratic in 2012 by ten points; a group of six concerned men from the chat room removed the state’s top-ranking legislator.

Hickenlooper, who kept a low profile during the campaign, said he was disappointed in the election’s results.” Aww… who’s the sad clown?

Make no mistake, this recall reflects the interests of the corporate gun lobby and a small group of extremists not the citizens of Colorado.” It’s funny they keep claiming we don’t represent the will of the people when we keep beating them with democracy.

Play with the Bull, Get the Horns.

Yesterday it was all over the big network sites as a NATIONAL REFERENDUM ON GUN CONTROL, and now it’s like it didn’t even happen.”

Who are the bullies in this again?

Do Democrats Still Think the NRA’s Clout is a Charade?

The award for best spin goes to Colin Goddard. Would you take an action that you knew had a 2 in 5 chance of costing you your job? Yeah, I wouldn’t either.

11 thoughts on “Recall Roundup”

  1. They can try to ignore the implications all they want, but they still can’t deny the pain after an ass kicking like that.

  2. You can tell a politician to pound sand, but nothing gets the point across like actually doing it TO them. :)

  3. “Make no mistake, this recall reflects the interests of the corporate gun lobby and a small group of extremists not the citizens of Colorado.”

    Now, now. They’re absolutely right.

    The recall reflects those interests losing to the will of the citizens of Colorado.

    After all, Bloomberg’s people are a “corporate gun lobby” (anti-gun is still “gun related”, and I’m sure their 501(s) are incorporated), and they’re certainly extremists, and a small group…

  4. Colin “The Alchemist” Goddard is trying to downplay the significance by stating that pro-gun activists attempted recalls on five politicians in Colorado, and succeeded at two.

    Let’s just disregard that recalls are rare to begin with, and generally only succeed at the polls – as in, AFTER the filing, fundraising, petitioning, etc. – 50% of the time. This is the first time a Colorado State Senator has been successfully recalled – AND WE GOT TWO AT ONCE!!

    Like it or not, that’s HUGE! Don’t piss off your constituents; it’ll come back to bite you.

    1. Colin to his pitching coach: “coach, opposing batters are only hitting .400 against me. Why are you cutting me?”

      1. Yeah, for people that depend on politicians taking multiple votes year after year to dismantle the 2nd amendment, the idea that a pol’s got a 40% chance of being ejected for EACH time they drink from the gun control cup isn’t terribly reasuring.

  5. Just caught part of Rachel Maddow coverage of recall. Guest was Steven Schmidt who leaped upon the anti-gun bandwagon Maddow offered him. Disgusting. Talk about a RINO!

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