Recall on Caracal C Pistols

Via guns save lives. It’s a money back recall, as in can’t be fixed. You send them your gun back and they’ll refund your money. I use different rules for collector pieces, but I generally won’t have a primary carry gun that isn’t, at the least, commonly issued by police departments. Back when I was new to this and stupid, I carried a Bersa Thunder .380. I carried that until the magazine safety mechanism broke and the gun stopped functioning with less than 1000 rounds on it. I still haven’t gotten it fixed because it can sit in my safe broken just as easily as sit in it fixed. Now my primary carry gun is a Glock 19, and I don’t see that changing. Backup or pocket guns are another ball o’ wax.

UPDATE: More from TFB here, who is also covering the recall.

3 thoughts on “Recall on Caracal C Pistols”

  1. Some big name trainers like Rob Pincus recommended the Caracal. Reminds me of the Bren Ten!

    Off topic, but the firearms blog post links to a Caracal catastrophic slide failure. This was from a site called Pakiguns, which has a forum in English for Pakistani gun owners. Kind of neat to see the posts like duck hunting on the Indus River!

  2. Besides obvious QC and debugging issues, I see nothing but time before some police department gets a good enough deal to turn in well-worn more-common sidearms for the Caracal. Unless there’s something I’m missing there isn’t really much new for this gun that isn’t pretty close with Glocks, XD, or M&P pistols, or the CZ-75 family (which doesn’t get much play in the states but is heavily used in various forms around the world).

    My primary carry gun is a 1911. That was first because .45 ACP is the “Best” (it isn’t) now its for two simple reasons. The Big #1 is I’ve probably put more rounds down range from a 1911 of some shape or size than any other gun platform. That goes for pistols revolvers, or rifles. I find that overall the quality copies work VERY well, and I’m VERY familiar with their operation, care, and feeding. There are few things that can compete with that. If I had happened to fall in love with a Glock on my first trip to the range (for arbitrary reasons I hated the first Glocks I shot, so that’s the artificial reason why I have only Gaston’s amazing pistol a tenth as much as John Browning’s) I’d probably pack one of them.

    The distant second is how insanely thin a 1911 can be. I can conceal my S&W1911Sc in all but the most informal attire. Better concealment, and comfort of carry means I carry it more.

    As for pocket guns, I suspect all but the cheapest shit in the world are common police backup guns, so your theory still works, tho not as conclusively as pointing to the G19, G17, G22, and G23s in cop holsters in most departments.

  3. I lusted after a Springfield EMP after I saw one in the case. Finally got the money and got one, determined to make it my EDC pistol….

    ….and immediately sent it to the factory with extractor problems. They fixed a laundry list of issues, and I got it back and it was my EDC pistol….

    …until it failed again.

    It was a beautiful little gun, that EMP, and it shot beautifully. Loved how it felt.

    When it worked.

    Went with Glock after that. Haven’t looked back.

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