On Mental Illness and Gun Rights

Eugene Volokh notes some aspects of the revised United State Code, Section 922, which is a large part of our federal gun laws. This was revised by the NICS Improvement Act several years ago. As Eugene notes, it would seem that rights to people with mental health issues are automatically restored in the case of federal commitments, which are largely veterans under the care of the Veterans Administration. I point this out because this directly contradicts GOA’s ridiculous claims about this law, calling it the “Veterans Disarmament Act.” Maybe if they had actually read the bill, they would have understood what it did and did not do. But why bother with facts when you can get some good NRA hatin’ going? That’s good for GOA’s fundraising efforts, after all.

4 thoughts on “On Mental Illness and Gun Rights”

  1. That article appears to engage in too much speculation, with too much use of the words “suggests” and “it seems” to take too many hard conclusions from it. No matter what legislation says, we don’t know what it means until it’s tested in court, and usually someone has to suffer for that to happen.

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