Rain and Drought

The beginning of this week looked like a promising news cycle from a gun blog standpoint, but it’s quickly dried up. I usually hold a few things in reserve for days when things aren’t as active, but now we find ourselves clean out of anything to put up. Hopefully something interesting will come across our in our sources. Well, but not too interesting. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.

5 thoughts on “Rain and Drought”

  1. Lets see:

    Foul mouth full auto love Gilberton Police Chief was suspended for 30 days

    The Smithsonian wants trayvon’s hoodie

    Ruger CEO says that gun sales are returning to normal. So much for the 5 year wait for a handgun.

    NRA is asking the supreme court to review the ban on selling handguns to 18-20 year olds

    Magpul is suing everyone

    Lancaster online has a nice article about FFLs by Pa county

    1. I saw the thing about the Gilberton Police Chief. I haven’t been reporting on that, though. Maybe I should. But to be honest, I’ve given up on talking about open carry and ass clownery. I don’t have the energy for it.

      1. There is much more to the Kessler story. Why does a one man PD need an armory full of full auto firearms. The PA UCR will show just how little goes on in Gilberton? Why did he get a 15 year contract with the borough? Gilberton pays him just under $25k/yr. The 2011 off duty bar fight that lead to him shooting himself in the hand is interesting.

        This guy does take ass clownery to a new level. His followers and supports seem to be hatched for the OC egg.

        1. I kind of figured they were just toys, and got them because he’s an enthusiast and because he has letterhead to get the good (and cheap) stuff. I wasn’t aware of the other issues. Maybe Gilberton is preparing for civil war :)

          1. Most of the little coal region departments only exist to cover up the crimes committed by those related to or connected to borough council or the mayor. They don’t want PSP snooping around and actually enforcing the laws.

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