Careful What You Say

“Don’t worry, I have a gun, and I’ll take them out with me” was overheard by a woman in a Wal-Mart, which was enough to prompt a SWAT response and complete evacuation of the store.  I guess Wal-Mart figures you can’t be too careful these days, but I’m guessing here, just guessing, that the guy was talking about going shooting, or hunting, which might have something to do with why he was in a Wal-Mart perhaps?   Either way, careful what you say in public these days, you might scare the sheep.

3 thoughts on “Careful What You Say”

  1. The cast of characters :

    Aunt Betty aka AB
    John Boy aka JB
    Hoplophobic Woman aka HW

    The Phone call:

    AB: John, this is Aunt B. Your young cousins were wondering if they could go deer hunting with you this year, but they don’t have their own guns yet.

    JB: Don’t worry, I have a gun, and I’ll take them out with me.

    HW: Call the SWAT team… (more PSH).

  2. Good thing she only overheard a conversation. Imagine the siege SWAT would have laid on if he had drawn stick figures shooting guns.

  3. The real story should be how many doors the SWAT team kicked down before they found Wal-mart.

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