Gun Fun Across State Borders

The New York Rifle & Pistol Association is raising money for their legal fund to challenge the SAFE Act by raffling off a machine gun shoot for two in Pennsylvania that even includes a night at a local hotel. That’s a pretty good idea to look at surrounding states to have fun shooting events when it has been banned locally. They feature video of previous shoots by the company:

6 thoughts on “Gun Fun Across State Borders”

  1. New York State is funny, even without considering that. I do primitive biathlons, which involves running in snowshoes, then shooting at targets. I do 3 events: 2 in Vermont, 1 in New York. At the New York one, they require you to remove your snowshoes before you shoot. So I stopped doing the timed event there, and just do the “woodswalk”. Because removing your snowshoes is a very, very stupid idea.

    It’s one of the reasons that the Vermont events are both several times larger than the New York event, despite being farther away from population centers.

  2. Hi Bill,
    I agree that removing and putting snowshoes back on is dumb, but is that requirement a club rule or state law? I recall a primitive Muzzleloader biathlon in NY that only makes you carry your snowshoes only if the snow is too light (which in effect makes it a woodswalk :-) )

    1. Club rule I believe, but it seems to be motivated by ‘safety concerns’ which seems ludicrous. After all, none of the other events in the northeast require that, to the best of my knowledge. More’s the pity, too, because it’s a good, tough course. Toughest course around, in fact. But because of the ‘remove snowshoes to shoot’, I won’t run the course.

      BTW, if you ever see a guy at one of those shoots with a mohawk haircut, that’s me.

  3. Wow, that video has some of the quietest unsuppressed rifles I’ve ever seen or heard. If only..

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