List of Stupid Things You Can Do With Objects That Aren’t Guns

I’m still completely amazed at the world Heidi Yewman lives in. Let’s see what other ways we can get ourselves or others in trouble in ways that are more dangerous than guns, and where the law won’t intervene to enforce common sense.

You can install a pool without the whole family having to take swimming lessons as a prerequisite for getting the permit. You can also buy a house with a pool without even the barest knowledge of how to swim. More children die every year in swimming pools than are killed by irresponsible gun owners in gun accidents.

You can buy a bicycle for your child without even the barest knowledge of traffic safety rules. What if the child takes the bike in the street? About 116 people aged 20 and under are killed on their bicycles, most of them involving collisions with motor vehicles. In total 677 people are killed in bicycle accidents. Injuries number 48,000. Yet we allow people to purchase these machines freely, and without training on responsible use.

Fires are burns are the third leading cause of death for children 14 and under, yet we allow people to cook, and purchase electrical appliances without even so much as basic training. Each day nearly 8 children are treated for shocks or burn injuries sustained tampering with wall outlets. Our government does not require parents to secure access to wall outlets from children, which can be done with an inexpensive plastic part.

Approximately 36,000 people are treated at emergency rooms each year for injuries sustain from use of chainsaws. These can be bought at home centers without even the most basic of training. Additionally, power tools in general are responsible for a great number of injuries and fatalities each year, and the government requires no training in their use, and they are bought and traded freely.

Do we really need government coming in and dictating all common sense, and throwing us in jail when we make poor decisions? Or treating us like children and making choices for us, because we can’t be expected to be responsible enough to make smart choices ourselves? I find that attitude baffling, but it is apparently the kind of world people like Heidi Yewman want to live in. Nerf goes the world!

6 thoughts on “List of Stupid Things You Can Do With Objects That Aren’t Guns”

  1. Lacking any proof of her firearms purchase or CCW documents, this saga she wrote is nothing more than dirty emotion filled fiction.

  2. Add this to your list: over 30,000 babies are conceived each year and murdered within the first nine months of their existence, yet no license or training is required for this dangerous activity. And, unlike purchasing guns, no background checks. Minors can not buy guns either, but nobody seems to get excited when they engage in this. In fact, it seems the Government encourages this behavior.

  3. It’s kind of funny that the actual leading causes of child death (or injuries) never get published. Makes it look like only guns cause a problem for kids. Couldn’t be an agenda, could it?

  4. I see far more death and destruction in the two hospitals I work at from motorcycles, ATVs, and alcohol than firearms.

    1. Years ago I worked security at a local hospital while I was attending college. Some of the injuries coming thru the door were astounding. But in my two years there a grand total of one gunshot wound came in. That involved a “domestic dispute” where the very large woman was shot in the chest by her diminutive husband. After laying him out with a cast iron skillet & then jumping on his chest & breaking several ribs, she walked to the hospital. He used a .22 cal handgun. The bullets didn’t make it thru the fat & only served to infuriate her. She got out the next morning, but he was in for several weeks. In the end they kissed & made up! What a strange world, eh?

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