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NRA is opening a new museum in Springfield, Missouri that highlights historical sporting firearms. (It will be located inside the Bass Pro Shops flagship store, hence the focus on arms used for sporting purposes in history.) Anyway, I caught something from a few days ago that shows Talking Points Memo picked up the story.

Knowing their extreme anti-NRA bias, I couldn’t help but wonder why they might be going after a freakin’ museum that focuses on the shooting sports.

Turns out that the actual blogger didn’t really add much in the way of anti-gun commentary, but the readers sure did. I think it’s useful to see that the same masses claiming they aren’t after your guns used for sport really aren’t even willing to truly accept a museum dedicated to sporting arms where the guns aren’t even available to individuals. Here are some of the highlights:

“The NRA’s National Sporting Arms Museum” better known as The Tower Of Death! Bring the kids for a unique family experience tracing the history of bloodshed in America! …

Are the floors spotless marble or are they covered in blood? …

What’s next? A NRA amusement park where people go in but don’t come out. Where “Stand Your Ground” is a shooting gallery for the Zimmermans of the world so they can shoot young unarmed black teenagers.

Of course, there are plenty of assumptions that NRA members are ready to shoot hippies, minorities, gay men, and atheists. Oh, and don’t forget the assertion that all NRA members are men who need to hire hookers to prove how manly they really are.

This is just the response to news that there will be a museum on inaccessible firearms that have a place in our nation’s sporting history. Imagine how these same people really feel about the concept of owning a firearm for actual self-defense. And these people want me to believe they are open to good-faith compromise? Yeah, right.

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  1. Of course, there are plenty of assumptions that NRA members are ready to shoot hippies, minorities, gay men, and atheists.

    Ridiculous. I am a member of the NRA and would never shoot minorities, gay men or atheists.

    1. One of the best ways to fight that assumption is to stand a significant distance away from people who say (or imply) they want to shoot hippies, minorities, gay men or atheists, even when they say they really, really like guns and that they defend gun rights. Criticize what they say, and don’t welcome any of them as featured speakers at our conventions, even if the supply their own cross wrapped in Old Glory.

      1. I am not aware of speakers that have ever been invited to pro-gun rallies who have an agenda to push that involves promoting the killing of people they disagree with. I suspect we would hear a lot more about that if it were the case. Am I missing something here? Sounds like a red herring argument to me.

        1. “Sounds like a red herring argument to me.”

          Let it sound to everyone as it will. Just so they keep it in mind to see if it ever applies. If you never see it, then there is nothing you need do.

          I’m not going to name any names here, because it would only start divisive arguments that would serve no direct purpose in this venue. But, part of the problem is that we don’t want to hear any ill spoken of people we consider “our own,” and we certainly don’t watch for it. Our opponents do watch for it, and never fail to amplify it, so when it is something that can be verified, like, “X went to the very unsavory Y convention and said bigoted thing Z” they are plowing ground that is very fertile for them. We choose not to listen to those sources, so choose never to learn about it. Then when other people see “those RKBA guys are embracing that asshole?” we have just confirmed a stereotype, in their eyes.

  2. I post over there all the time- I try to be people levelheaded and logical. The hate is really strong there. It’s amazing. I had one lady who she doesn’t want my guns but wants military style weapons banned.

    They also post about every accidentally death- because that pushes their narrative.

  3. WAIT A MINUTE… we’re supposed to be shooting hippies? I guess I missed the memo… Actually, I appear to have missed a lot of memos mentioned by the anti-gun crowd…

    Now if I could just find those darn TPS memos…

    Dann in Ohio

    1. @Dann in Ohio: No need to read the memo and start shooting hippies. Your fully sentient firearm will load itself and shoot undesirables all on its own. I bet your firearm is secretly converting itself into a fully automatic weapon with a 30 round “clip” so as to kill people more quickly. If you act now and turn it into one of those effective “gun buy-back” programs, you and all of society and the children will be safe.

      TPS reports…right…I’m going to need you to come in on Saturday to fill those out.

    2. “we’re supposed to be shooting hippies?”

      Just to demonstrate my command of archaic cultural literacy: If that has any anchor in our culture at all, it may be a reference to the early-1970s movie “Joe,” where Joe, played by Pete Boyle Jr., is a blue collar hunter type who (long story) makes the acquaintance of an upscale businessman type who has just strangled his daughter’s hippy boyfriend. When the daughter runs away, Joe more or less blackmails the guy into a situation where in looking for her, they wind up shooting up a hippy commune, killing her.

      Of course I’m reaching back at least 40 years for that reference. I remember bumper stickers that said “Archie Bunker for President; Joe for Vice President.”

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