Fixing the Legislative Process


I see this op-ed is a bit of a back-handed compliment.

It acknowledges NSSF’s legal concerns about the abuse of the emergency certification by lawmakers seeking to avoid accountability to concerned citizens, but then basically says that it is really only a problem when such a process is abused for their pet concerns – like restricting pictures available to the press.

It argues that while it may not be ideals, it’s ultimately okay to abuse it for screwing those damn gun owners since that’s clearly a real emergency and it’s not important to actually discuss details of gun laws that could land innocent people in jail.

One thought on “Fixing the Legislative Process”

  1. Every action should be accountable. Extraordinary actions should be extraordinarily accountable.

    So put their jobs on the line for emergency legislation: everyone who votes for it has to swear under oath that if the bill is later found unconstitutional as it stands, regardless of whether it is later modified, they will go to prison for 5 years and never again work for any government in any capacity, not lobby for any government.

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