PLCAA Success Story? Colt Remerges

Colt Defense and Colt Manufacturing are becoming one again. They split in 2003 to shield their defense business from potential lawsuits. With the passage of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act in 2005, lawsuits aren’t the threat they used to be, and thus ends a chapter in the firearms industry that never would have happened, if not for religious fanatics who set on a mission to do to the firearms industry what they did to the tobacco industry. PLCAA is far from perfect protection, and said fanatics are still busy looking for weaknesses, but it was an understated victory of the last decade that I think helped put the anti-gun organizations on the ropes. They spent a lot of money and resources on those suits which got nowhere.

One thought on “PLCAA Success Story? Colt Remerges”

  1. Re-combining is only step # one. Selling the company is going to be step # two. I’ve been expecting an announcement that Glock is buying Colt for about a year now. We shall see.

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