A Real Colt M4

I guess Colt got the idea that, perhaps upon hearing the term M4gery, that it was time to offer the public the real thing. That is, if the real thing were semi-automatic and had a 16 inch barrel. But hey, it says “M4 Carbine” on the receiver, and it’s got a pony on it, and who doesn’t want a pony?

Actually, I almost got a Colt AR-15 carbine once. It was in 2004, right after the ban expired, and a local gun shop had a few samples marked “Restricted: For Law Enforcement and Government Use Only.” I thought it would have made a nice souvenir for what once was and never should have been. I’m actually kind of sorry now I didn’t get it, because I haven’t seen them since.

10 thoughts on “A Real Colt M4”

  1. Got one of those ban-marked ARs “back in the day” when the ban was still in effect, and I was still a cop and could have it. Now the ban is gone, but the rifle is still here…as it should be.

  2. Back in my Marine and National Guard days, nobody wanted the Colts. Never had an M4, but the FN manufactured M16A2’s were much better weapons. They sure felt a lot tighter – not the loosey, fall-apart-in-your-hands feel of the Colts. Maybe that is why the FN’s seemed to hold a zero much better to. Might also be why I don’t own anything made by Colt.

    1. Colt sucks to work with from what I’ve heard. It’s unfortunate the MIL was forced to buy M4s from them in the first place because of their ridiculous contract. I hope they lose the IC and we see FN or Remington take over.

    2. M16a2. You have those? so the last time you shot in the military was in AIT, back in… 1994 or some shit. m4s work fine. mine never jammed unless i got a shitty mag from your day. only time, ever. plus no rail on top? no cheek rest/ cheek to stock on it= inconsistant sight picture when you need it. most of that “fall apart” shit you assume to know is just the butt stock, which is fixed so it doesnt move at all. but the upper in lower reciver in your 20+ year M16a2 is more then in any newer m4s butt stock and reciver groups. so, in short, dont talk about shit you dont know, and go back to fixing my truck, fucking up my paperwork, or fucking up my pay, POG!!!!

  3. Only thing I own with ponies on it is my 1911, and I love it. Have heard similar complaints about their long guns over the years.

  4. Back in pre 94, I asked a Colt rep at their booth at SHOT Show why they used a screw in the front, instead of a push pin? They said it helped them fight agasint the Brady Bunch and making it harder to drop MIL/LE uppers on, then the cowards quit selling carbines with collaspable stocks to civies. That was it for me.

    I ordered an Eagle Arms, which was owned by the Lewis’ of LMT. I now own a Anaconda and a King Cobra, but no other Colts, and I will never own one of their ARs. They sold us out and I won’t forget it.

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