Joe Manchin Lied, Gun Rights Nearly Died

Screw Gun Control

Okay, so maybe the slogan in the title is a bit over-the-top and not really that catchy. Regardless, it sort of sums up the content of a letter that NRA is mailing to 200,000 voters in West Virginia.

The letter will outline why NRA opposed Manchin-Schumer-Toomey, and it will also highlight that Manchin intentionally mislead voters on his views on this very specific policy when he was running for office.

I guess this shows that Sen. Manchin really is allowing Obama to rub off on him. It looks like his election promises are now reaching their expiration dates.

3 thoughts on “Joe Manchin Lied, Gun Rights Nearly Died”

  1. “It looks like his election promises are now reaching their expiration dates.”

    In this, I disagree. The expiration date on most politicians’ promises is the day before they’re sworn into office. Any future promises have the same expiration date, and are therefore expired before they are even spoken aloud.

    Think about trying to re-sell a batch of eggs. They were good when you bought them last season, so they must be OK now, right?

    That’s the flavor of politics these days.

  2. The link does not go to the NRA-ILA letter, it goes to an article about the letter. A few google attempts and a search for Manchin on NRA and NRA-ILA did not produce the letter.

    I think a blog post like this requires the letter be linked, in full, rather than the selected portions provided by the blogosphere.

    1. Not being a West Virginia voter, I don’t have a copy of the letter. I found the fact that NRA is dropping that kind of cash in a non-election year to be noteworthy, just as we have previously blogged other really big mailings in key races without complaints from readers.

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