40 Round PMAGs

Michael Bane notes that Magpul has released the 40 round PMAG. He’s really like one with “Colorado Sucks” engraved on the side. Coloradans have two weeks to to stock up, and after that it’s smugglin’ time. I do wish Magpul would stop date stamping their mags for this very reason.

And how sad is it when you feel like your state sucks and doesn’t want you? I worry that I’m going to face that eventually, and have to look at moving. In my recent genealogical research, I’ve discovered my family has lived in the Philadelphia area since the Early Republic, at least. I don’t want to face being driven from my home by the likes of Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden and Barack Obama. No more two Americas. This has to end. We need to stop these people and ruthlessly crush them.

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    1. Broadly, one has to have being anti-gun be politically toxic.

      That is problematic as there are deep-blue areas where there is effecitvely no choice (both intra- and interparty)

      A federal preemption (or court order) seems to be a requirement. But as we’ve seen in Illinos even when someone says “This is unconstitutional/illegal, change it.” The antis will whine and kick and scream.

      A big thing is to have the antis be seen as a marganalized and couterprodcutive part of the democratic machine. If catering to them hurts the dem machine then the dems would be less likely to cater to them.

      (See the various Dems complaining about Bloomberg’s senate ads).

      That said, the statists (especially the Dems) *like* gun control and would happily push it, provided they see it as being costless or worth it.

      One upside we have is the Shall Issue movement, which has spread to where there are (or will soon be) no non-issue states. Now the pressure is on the few May Issue states (and DC).

      It’s probably a good idea to see which May Issue state would be the easiest to flip to Shall issue. Either by being more gun friendly than the others or by being so restrictive that it’s really no-issue and can be challenged in court.

      It was probably easier to strike down Illinois’ ban on carry once it was the *only* state left.

      CCW has the handy part of pushing the Overton window to where even many antis have to pay lip service to “self defense”. Which pushes them further, rhetorically, than they were in the 90’s.

      CCW is also handy because May Issue shows how class-based gun control is and how they don’t mind guns, they just mind the proles having guns.

    2. 1. Ensure that membership in MAIG is toxic for any Mayor aspiring to a higher office. All a MAIG mayor should ever be is mayor, and we can do it, ex mayor is best.

      2. Meet Bloomberg with boots on the ground everywhere he engages. He needs to develop a reputation for losing people elections rather than helping.

      If we did those two things, that would be the end of MAIG politically.

  1. “I’ve discovered my family has lived in the Philadelphia area since the Early Republic, at least.”

    For some reason I have never been envious of people who can say that, though I admit it must be fascinating to research. No ancestors who were my “blood” were here before about 1851, on my maternal side, and 1900 on my paternal side. I guess I was always just proud enough of my heritage as I knew it, and then became more so as I learned more of it. Unfortunately a lot it had to do with conflict with the nativists who could and did trace their heritage to before the Founding.

    All of my immigrant ancestors came here fleeing oppression, and that I am proud of. It occurs to me that after several generations, the time may be coming again; maybe not for me, but I can put the bug in my kids’ and grandkids’ ears that it would be “heritage” to do so.

    Of course if there was a fight they could win. . .

    1. It’s not really a big deal to me either. I’ll move in a heartbeat if they force me to. But it’s been interesting. I didn’t think I’d get into this kind of thing, but it’s like a puzzle that begs to be figured out.

      1. I’ve observed in my associations with several anti-authoritarian organizations over the years, that their active members seem to be heavily representative of ethnicities with comparatively recent histories of fleeing or fighting oppression. Often the people weren’t conversant with their own ethnicity’s history, yet it seemed they had inherited a sixth sense regarding the threats of authoritarianism.

      2. It’s a double-edged sword to move or fight. Sure we all fight but when it becomes such a liability to where your equity on your home could be wiped out by legal fees and still wind up in jail then I think it’s time to move. In Kalifornia the bills moving through the Legislature are so onerous, they stand to make many millions of Californians into instant felons. And I mean felons, you have one standard capacity magazine, it’s a misdemeanor, two or more is a felony, with grandfathering being wiped out. The more magazines you have the more felony counts you face. You fail to AW register your Ruger 10/22, you’re a felon without voting and 2A rights That is a pretty frightening circumstance.

        But I feel guilty that I’m not staying and fighting to my last breath. There are many fireams owners who think we, who talk about moving, are cowards for cutting and running. I’ve never retreated before but I believe I will move and retrench elsewhere to live another day.

  2. National CCW reciprocity is, so far, the only Fed Level push to remedy the Two Americas issue.

    It has gotten close and can even get a majority in a dem-controled senate.

    The devil is in the details there, but that could be a big way to undermine May Issue. Both on the ground and in the courts and state houses.

  3. If we do have to flee your state, Sebastian, then we’ll be heading back to what I consider closer to my home. The funny thing is that my ancestors got here to PA first, looked around for a generation and then hightailed it south to Virginia, then Tennessee, then Missouri for about 100 years, and then to Oklahoma. Maybe they saw what was coming in a few hundred years. :)

    1. Your family might just have very low tolerance for bullshit. Until the west was won, you could go places to get away from it. One fear I have is that, with the frontier used up, the option of voting with your feet is getting harder.

      1. I’ve seen that in microcosm right here in Bucks County, during my own lifespan. What was great back in the 1950s and early 1960s, wasn’t that the people were any better — they weren’t — but that since the county was still genuinely rural, you could avoid them and do your own thing, and mostly ignore the Rules and the Regulations. By the mid-’70s that was almost completely a thing of the past. I kind of fear that technology has made the whole country a place where your business can be minded by anyone who sets their mind to it. Even c. 1950 Jack Kerouac lamented, “The woods are full of wardens. . .”

  4. The only option left is to stay and fight. If people keep fleeing, there won’t be much place left to flee.

    Stay and fight.

    1. I know this offends a lot of people, but I’ll risk it: I’ve made the analogy of things being like Germany in the early 1930s; you could fight on behalf of the communists, or fight on behalf of the fascists. Now, take your pick which to fight for.

      My lament is about being politically homeless, in practical terms. The only viable and competing factions are, authoritarians of the left or authoritarians of the right; but there is no viable faction that isn’t authoritarian to the bone. Only what they would choose to be authoritarian about first differs; both would fill in the remainder later.

      I have met more than one German, only slightly older than me, who said their parents viewed the scenario in Germany in the early 1930s that way, and fled. With historical hindsight, they made the right decision; nothing was going to stop what would come.

  5. re: pmag datestamps

    Unless I’m unaware, I don’t believe it’s illegal to deface a magazine. In fact you could theorectically build your own.

    There are probably some places like NJ or CA that prohibit, but for free and mostly free states that seems like a remedy.

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