Ruger SR-556

Surprise, it’s an oprod driven AR:

Caleb has some coverage here.  Comes with three magpul magazines, even for us “simple civilians.”  I’m sorry I didn’t get in early enough to shoot it yesterday, but Michael Bane reported they tried hard to break it, and weren’t able to make it malfunction.  It feels and looks like a pretty solid offering to me.

I’ll offer my readers the chance to ask the Ruger guys questions.  Post your question in the comment, and I’ll be happy to go down and ask them.

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  1. “How long until the non-standard operating system breaks and you issue a recall? Can you just send me a UPS sticker instead of the rifle since I’ll probably have to send it back anyway?”

  2. I ask this tounge-in-cheek, but is the $2k MSRP the result of smoking bad crack? Or the overhead for finding/including 3 magpul mags these days?

  3. 1) they selling complete rifles – or will they also sell uppers?

    2) (sort of related) What is the compatibility with an AR lower from another manufacturer?

    3) Its in 5.56, any other calibers? Will there be a .22lr option for those looking to shoot on a budget? 9mm??

  4. Actually, yeah, what Countertop said. Do they plan on selling the upper, and if so is it compatible with all standard ARf lowers.

  5. I wonder how with its piston system this rifle will compare to the LMT and LWRC which is price range that it is in.

  6. Is Ruger manufacturing their own lower receivers, barrels, BCGs, etc, or are they farming that out to one of the other established AR parts manufacturers? More AR parts manufacturers == more supply == lower prices elsewhere == happiness.

  7. Ruzhyo – I’m with ya – $2k for an AR!

    How is this different than an HK 419?

    I assume a longer barrel target version will be available eventually although I shudder to think what they will charge for it.

  8. I was told that the upper will work with otlowers. But he was unsure about a .22LR consersion kit. Said that was a good question.

  9. My questions for Ruger:

    1) As you seem to have some kind of relationship with Magpul, will you be offering Magpul MOE furniture on the rifle as well?

    2) Will this rifle be chambered in 6.8 SPC or other, larger calibers?

    Thank you.

  10. Id ask if there are any plans of offering a version in 7.62×39, but of course the answer is no, and the price is a bit high anyways.

  11. Why does your 556 advertising (on the Ruger website) focus on this weapon being used by military and/or police only? I believe the AR market is being driving mainly by civilians.

  12. Suggestion: When creating thumbnails, create separate files, resize those down, save them, and then upload them as thumbnails. It appears as though you are having browsers resize the root files instead, and the load times for even the thumbnails is substantial (which, given that they are over a meg a piece, is understandable).

    As for the rifle…. *shrug*? Good of them to show up to the party, if a bit late. But in this AR-15-inundated market, I am not entirely sure what they are hoping to accomplish with hardware at that price-point…

  13. Did Ruger design the piston system themselves or is it an existing system they licensed (like S&W did)?

    Thanks Sebastian.

  14. Will they have a ban-state-friendly version – fixed stock and no flash hider?

    I still say 2k is wicked steep for an AR… even in today’s insanity.

  15. Will Ruger sell SR-556 uppers? It would really help those of us stuck behind the lines in California. I hope I’d be able to mate the Ruger upper to a legal off-list AR-15 receiver.

    Thanks! And great blog!

  16. To me Ruger means rugged, reliable, and inexpensive. That MSRP doesn’t look inexpensive to me. Heck, it’s almost as high as a SIG556.

    How about a version with a fixed stock, standard A2 pistol grip, and a less expensive, simpler, foreend? That might help keep the MSRP somewhere around $1200 which is where I suspect you’ll have to go to compete with the likes of Bushmaster and the rest of the gang.

  17. Justin

    A SIG556 is exactly what I thought this was competing with when I first saw it.

    Which wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.

  18. Ruger’s MSRP is always at least 25% high. Think 1300-1600 for an excellent piston AR with high-end extras. These are going to do well.


    So, should we take it that you prefer manufacturers who ignore minute design flaws that only show up when 30,000 products are in the hands of early adopters?

    Everybody gets on Ruger’s ass about recalls. Most companies are slow to fix problems, and when they do, they leave early adopters SOL. Recalls are very expensive, and a sign of RESPONSIBILITY, not poor reliability.

    MY LCP was back in my mailbox three days after I sent it. They also installed non-safety upgrades based on customer suggestions. They sent me an extra mag (and a goofy hat I sold for 20 bucks on ebay) and some other neat freebies.

    Can somebody please explain to me what is so contemptible about recalls?

    They even sell factory 30rd magazines to the public again. We spoke and they listened. Why punish them for it?

  19. Okay, I gotta ask…

    Why didn’t they just put an adjustable gas system, a real gas piston, a chrome lined barrel, a flash hider, and STANAG Mag compatibility on the MINI-14? I might actually be inclined to buy one of those!

    A piston AR? Not so much.

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