Unexpected Plot Twist

I know I’m late posting this news, but I was surprised to learn the ricin mailer was an estranged spouse trying to frame her husband. The politics of the gun issue likely had nothing to do with anything, and the targets were selected because they’ve been in the news a lot lately. Miguel is waiting for an apology from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, who off the bat noted “more thuggery by a pro-gun activist.” Looking at some of the comments, it would seem CSGV doesn’t seem to mind allying themselves with some really hateful people.

18 thoughts on “Unexpected Plot Twist”

  1. Being late to comment/lay blame seems to be the best strategy on many of these thing (threats, shooting, bombings, etc.). So much of the early reporting is wrong and the tendancy to believe what you wnat to believe is so great that a little time out for clarification/reflection seems the best policy.

  2. The crazy stuff jilted lovers do, wow.
    Few months ago there was a guy at sea-tac who got “caught” with a loaded gun sewn into his kid’s teddy bear. Turned out his wife was trying to win the custody battle by getting him arrested.

    The weird thing is how quickly most of these people crack when they’re actually questioned, despite the elaborate schemes and alibis they plan.

  3. Told ya so. :P

    (Ok, it wasn’t the deranged ex-staffer that I postulated it could be, but my message was more “there’s a good chance it’s not a gun rights activist”, so it still counts XD).

    1. If it had been the Brady folks or CSGV I might have been more open to deranged ex-staffer, because they sow in the loony garden. I’ve never gotten the impression Bloomberg does that. He hires professionals and political operatives. Those people tend to be saner.

      But crazy estranged wife trying to frame her husband? I never would have put my money on that one.

      1. But crazy estranged wife trying to frame her husband? I never would have put my money on that one.

        Yeah, that one is out of left field, but it is a kind of strange echo of the Elvis impersonator ricin case.

        What is that quote? Something about history repeating itself as a farce?

      2. when I saw that it wasn’t either a pro or anti gun person, I felt it actually started to make better sense. predictable? no, but I’m sure a police detective or two could show us examples of ‘hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn’ and this is an example of nothing new.
        sure, it’s (very) unusual, it makes more sense than the crazy gun guy (forgive the expression) or the crazy anti-gun guy (false flagging it), because both would have so much to lose. just my thinking…

  4. it would seem CSGV doesn’t seem to mind allying themselves with some really hateful people.

    Mind? They welcome it!
    They thrive off of fear, hate, and ignorance. Without those three things they would have no supporters.

    1. “They thrive off of fear, hate, and ignorance.”

      Sadly, that is the winning formula for political activism these days. I may hate those people, but I can’t pretend they invented it on their own.

        1. That was totally my fault. I think I clicked on the wrong link to zap a piece of spam, and zapped your comment by mistake.

  5. Totally called it. From day one, I figured it would be a genuinely crazy person. Why? –Look, it’s a messy poison. You generally have to cook it out it yourself. Most sane people don’t play with such things, at least not unless there’s a lot of money and possibly an addiction involved. (Dean Ing gets a pass, he was after the castor-bean oil.)

    1. Your comment made me curious about the process, so I decided to look at Wikipedia to try to understand it. They don’t go into detail, but the fact that it’s so poisonous would lead me to understand why cooking it out would be so dangerous.

      One thing that amused me by the Wikipedia article was how, despite being so poisonous, it has been eclipsed by various other poisons being researched for weaponization. “It’s not as cost-effective as this; it’s not as poisonous as that”, etc.

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