Careful Who You Call Coward

Miguel discusses some of his background in response to CSGV’s calling out a comment of his.

8 Responses to “Careful Who You Call Coward”

  1. Dannytheman says:

    I think an armed man hiding under a desk is fine.
    If I remember correctly, Colin is on the record as saying that even if he had a weapon, he doesn’t think it would have made a difference?? Paraphrasing only, feel free to correct me.

    What I try to tell everyone I talk to is this. Colin never had that choice because he is a law abiding person. When he says he couldn’t do anything now, in hind site, he is speaking from the Brady point of view.

    I, on the other hand, like to think if he had a weapon, the tide could have been turned. He is no coward in this case, as he would not be a hero for protecting himself if able. These words, coward and hero, are placed on people from other people. Rarely do the people directly named feel that way about themselves.

    He is most definitely a victim.

  2. Dannytheman says:

    Also first sentence should be an UN armed man hiding under a desk…. Need to proof my writing better!

  3. Molon Labe says:

    No wai, japete has waded into the comments over on failbook. Who’da thunk it?

  4. John says:

    Looking at the Facebook comments raised a question for me. They want to call us cowards and seem to think that we are sitting in dark basements lit only with our computer monitors. However, most gun rights guys I know are outdoorsmen, veterans of our armed services, or rank and file law enforcement. How many of their bloggers and members of organizations can say the same? Seems that they are populated exclusively by victims and those coerced by emotional blackmail.

  5. cargosquid says:

    Hey! They gave me some free publicity new! I’m in such great company! Nice of them to post the link to my blog.

  6. RG says:

    @Molon Labe: she’s only commenting on the CSGV’s FB page because she can’t coherently respond to any gun blogger’s comments on her own blog.

  7. cargosquid says:

    I notice that the Facebook page is involved in Reasoned Discourse. I tried to find a way to comment. So, I put it on mine, instead.

  8. Weer'd Beard says:

    Something tells me this Inconvenient Truth will be totally ignored, much like every instance of guns saving lives.

    Yeah, we sure have integrity issues, don’t we?