Exceptions to SAFE

The NRC has told nuclear security forces in New York that they can ignore the SAFE act. Security agencies that are contracted to protect nuclear power plants are generally allowed to buy anything they want. It’s authorized under the Energy Policy Act and Atomic Energy Acts, and those supersede state laws. I believe the federal government could preempt these kinds of state laws for all citizens using its militia powers.

8 thoughts on “Exceptions to SAFE”

  1. They’re also exempt from full auto, SBR, and suppressor rules too. Problem is that those toys can’t really leave the power plant property.

  2. Man, this has shades of the Shiawase nuclear power plant incident and the Seretech Riot from the fictional Shadowrun timeline all over it. Most of you have no clue what I’m talking about, but I just blew the mind of the one other nerd that reads this blog.

    1. There’s at least 3 of us, between you, me, and ecurb. Shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never cut a deal with a dragon.

  3. I believe all these State Laws could be preempted as a Violation of Civil Rights if Holder chose to Prosecute.

    Oh wait. Holder Prosecute. Never mind.

    1. He could prosecute enforcement of those laws, but it’s interesting to ponder such a thing. Obviously Holder would never do it, but I don’t honestly know what the rules are for criminal civil rights prosecutions, or whether it follows the same “clearly established precedent” standard as is required for stripping qualified immunity in a civil case.

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