Pennsylvania Lawmakers Host Concealed Carry Course

Two Pennsylvania state lawmakers are hosting a concealed carry-related course later this month. Reps. Seth Grove and Mike Regan are hosting the non-live fire course that will focus on the legal elements of carrying concealed in the Commonwealth.

Attorney Matt Menges will discuss concealed carry laws and will touch on the Castle Doctrine. An officer from the Northern York County Regional Police will discuss how to safely interact with the police while exercising the legal right to carry a firearm.

This sounds like a great opportunity for folks around Wellsville, PA in York County. You certainly don’t hear about lawmakers doing events like this very often, and I think they deserve credit for providing such a class that helps people understand how to carry lawfully.

4 Responses to “Pennsylvania Lawmakers Host Concealed Carry Course”

  1. Andy B. says:

    And it’s not even an election year!

  2. Jeff O says:

    Five minutes down the road and free?!?! I’m going if nothing else is planned!

  3. thefirstndsecond says:

    Phil Klein and Jon Mirowitz do these courses. Check PAFOA for more info. I have taken Klein’s 2 of the three courses. Well worth the 4 hours. I have had time with Jon to discuss issues in the City of no Love.

    • Zermoid says:

      I checked PAFOA, found nothing, if you know where it is please pose a link.
      Thanks in advance.