How to Give the Gun Control Groups the Moral High Ground

Committing acts of terrorism against the anti-gun folks is a pretty sure way to help their cause and harm ours, and at the end of the day it’s some poor staffer who will be the ones opening the letters. You an expect them to play this up to the hilt, and paint themselves as the victims, and gun owners as a bunch of ricin mailing terrorists. Ridiculous that someone would do this.

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  1. Note that at the end the NYT happily gave Bloomberg another soapbox for him.

    Here’s another thing to consider. These guys are prepared for the next bout of blood dancing. Don’t think that they don’t have plans for cases like this.

    Watch for a coordinated and prepared response. Same as if someone took a potshot at a MAIG mayor.

    1. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a done by a leftie gun hater just to boost their cause, just like the vast majority of shootings having been carried out by leftist Democrat types.

      They need crisis’s to push their agenda and don’t seem above creating those crisis’s themselves.

    1. Yep that’s what I thought too. After the whole ricin letter episode from a couple months ago, I don’t believe anything about them any more.

  2. Your assuming that the individual who sent it was a gun owner. That’s possible, but it’s not the only possibility. Remember the attack on the DNC headquarters that turned out to be a disgruntled ex-staffer? That could very well be the case here.

    1. It could also be a jilted anti. Who thinks Bloombie is betraying the cause.

      Regardless of who it is, they’ll want to get out ahead of the investigation. Since this hits when emotions are hottest, and gets some traction just in case the actual perp isn’t politically useful.

      See the Boston Marathon Bombers, the Discovery Channel Hostage taker, the guy that flew a plane into that IRS building.

  3. I guess it really could be from some gun rights supporter, but honestly, would anyone be surprised if this was fabricated?

    Bloomberg and his crew are scumbags who would lie to promote their cause. No honest person can deny that. The same could be said about many right-wingers who happen to be on our side on the gun control issue.

    This is politics, we have to deal with contemptible bullshit.

    1. And I just thought of something else. If a gun owner was going to do this, he likely would have done it during the heat of the debate before gun control was defeated in congress.

      If that asshole Bloomberg was going to fabricate something like this, it would happen as gun control is fading from popular discussion and antis were struggling to keep momentum. Say… oh… like right now.

  4. So someone rubbed castor oil on some paper and mailed it to Bloomberg’s office. Wake me when that balances against his tyranny.

  5. I’ll believe that this was a gun owner when it’s proven beyond a shadow of doubt in a court of law. Until then, it’s no different than all of the “hate crime” hoaxes and the acts of terrorism that the MSM falsely blamed the Tea Party/conservatives for. Don’t indict your fellow gun owners without proof.

  6. I sure hope this is a false flag operation. But if not, the idiots pushing the ‘insurrectionist’ accusations against the gun-culture, after decades of crying wolf finally got a perp to support their theory.

    1. Well…they’ll THINK that they have an insurrectionist.

      What they will have is merely a common criminal, especially since there were no demands for “REVOLUTION!”

  7. there’s something so strange (and fishy) about it. Ricin? really? some light diarrhea the next day after exposure? Whew! that was close!
    Of course, I have been wrong before, but I just see this as too, I dunno, perfect? reading the article it even sounds strange, ‘something about the way it was addressed (from Louisiana)’ tipped them off. um ok, maybe that just means how it was handwritten, or maybe how it phrased addressed, or maybe that there are no pro Bloomberg americans outside of manhattan. how quickly were chemical testers called or the police notified and the tests ran?

    if it were a false flag operation, it’s a huge and dangerous game to play, especially because in this day and age, the truth has a high potential to come out.
    I am surprised to say that I think that there is a possibility of such a thing, but it’s there, though still less than likely. however, how difficult would it be for a gun-control sympathizer to rub castor oil on a ‘hastily’ addressed and faux-threatening letter. not difficult at all.

    still, there is still a high possibility that this was a whacko idiot, progun and anti-Bloomberg and in possession of little insight.

    the fact that this threat is so not a threat (as opposed to a gun based threat), combined with the inevitability that such a letter would be easily used as a tool to undermine gun rights supporters… and further Bloomberg agenda… I just have a hard time picturing who would do that, among the people in our (though varied but mostly wonderful) community. perhaps an idiot, perhaps a misguided soul. I guess we’ll see.

    1. It sounds like you don’t know what Ricin does? Ricin is lethal. There is no effective treatment for it. Death occurs in a matter of days.

      1. That’s frightening!, So, the policemen with the light cases of diarrhea, since they were exposed, will their symptoms inevitably worsen and eventually kill them, or can they hope to improve and eventually heal. I’m sincerely asking while awaiting news updates from the media.
        Respectfully, Arnie

        1. sarcasm paratrooper, i’m saying that ricin is lethal. ‘light diarrhea’ after ricin exposure sounded apocryphal to me in lieu of no other reported issues as of exposure to when story reported. apocryphal that it actually was ricin, however maybe it is if it was such a light exposure that mild symptoms only and indicative of slight ingestion despite use of precautions. this isn’t some pellet inserted into a Russians leg via umbrella with mystery death ensuing, so I’m hoping everyone is going to be ok.

    1. My prediction is that it will go mysteriously ‘unsolved,’ yet perpetually referenced to as the example of how ‘gun culture’ is dangerous.

  8. I wager 20% of personal issue (jilted staffer, etc), 60% of antigun person, 20% of pro gun person.

    Also, clearly we need to ban mail to public officials. Nobody needs to be able to petition their government for redress of grievances with a high capacity envelope. Every day millions of these so-called “letters” are sent and they are basically untraceable. Anyone can send one with a pocketful of change for a stamp from an anonymous shady corner mailbox without a background check. A post office made sense when the Constitution was written but now we have much better stuff like the internet and thus what those old white guys wrote is now just supporting insurrection. Ban mail for the children.

  9. ABC News’ Good Morning America is giving this story its top morning headline and extensive coverage as “an act of terror” (as opposed to the Ft. Hood massacre) this morning. Strike while the iron’s hot – and before they discover it’s a fabrication or disgruntled staffer. A “gun nut” would have used a gun. IMHO.

    1. Or explosives, but Ricin? I had to google it just to know WHAT it is!
      Where to get it or make it? Clueless…..

  10. Has there ever been a documented case of a ricin-tainted letter killing anybody?

    Okay, I just looked at this page on wikipedia:

    I read the whole article linked above. I was unable to find any occurrences of an actual fatality from a ricin-tainted letter. Ricin is apparently not an inhalable agent like Anthrax spores are, so it would seem to me that a ricin-tainted letter is not really such a great terror weapon in the first place.

    1. And on this page ( of Wikipedia it says

      “Ricin is poisonous if inhaled, injected, or ingested, acting as a toxin by the inhibition of protein synthesis.[3] That is, it prevents the cell from assembling various amino acids into protein according to the messages it receives from RNA. This process, conducted by the cell’s ribosome, the protein-making machinery, is the most basic level of cell metabolism, essential to all living cells and thus to life itself.”

  11. Another thing to consider is that regardless of who did this. the antis can see how this will make an automatic victim card, give more airtime, and bash us evviiil gunnies.

    So copycat actions. Perhaps by someone not affiliated with MAIG but in agreement with their views.

    And compared to other theoretical false flag operations, sending a suspicious letter to your fellow travellers is far easier and much lower risk. It doesn’t even have to be real. Any powder can get the scare up.

    That takes it from the insanity of an anti-gunner going out on a spree, (though that mutant in LA tried that) to more like someone faking a hate crime.

    It’s a good thing the antis are not willing to self sacrifice and directly make the blood to dance in. Because one or two antis with a suicide mission could cause a lot of havoc, especially if they were patient and joined the right organizations and went to the right protests beforehand.

    1. Sadly, I don’t think the Anti’s are above killing a few of their own to push their agenda, and I really don’t think any gunnies would do something like this.

      1. None of us would, but you can’t believe with the hundreds of millions of Americans who share this political viewpoint, that some of them aren’t stark raving nuts?

  12. I’m surprised no one brought up the NYC taxi cartels yet. Bloomie went on an F-bomb and threat laced tirade against one of them just a couple of weeks ago. If *anyone* would resort to such tactics one would think a mafia-esque organization like that would.

    1. Meh. Bloomberg’s likely more closely tied to the mob than the taxi cabs.

      1. Oooooo, that brought up an image of Bloomberg actually tied to the hood of a taxi cab…..



  13. And why focus just on Bloomberg’s victim disarmament crusade? He’s also trying to regulate what you eat, how you entertain yourself, and how you feed your infant.

    This is the guy who, when confronted by seriously ill people in excruciating pain, said they’ll have to “suffer a little bit” because he wants to put restrictions on pain killers.

    1. One was sent to his MAIG bagman.

      One presumes if the beef was wtih some other nanny-state control, it’d be directed to another part of his constelation of control.

    2. I think we need to bring that up everytime we talk about MAIG and Bloomberg. He’s a nanny stater- and most American’s don’t like that.

  14. Why couldn’t it be a gun owner? Actually it makes more sense to me. We all know there are a lot of bat shit crazy gun owners out there who think they are helping but we all wish would just go away.

    I hope it’s not, but I wouldn’t bet against it.

    1. I’m not ruling it out as a possibility either, but odds are it was a leftie, gun grabber, we all know the percentage of nut-jobs on their side is several magnitudes greater than on ours.

      1. I’ve got to disagree with you there. I think the percentage of nut jobs on our side is much higher. Most of the left is astroturf, and unless you are paid for it, gun control tends to be a fleeting issue for the vast majority of antis.

    2. *sigh*, I’m thinking you’re right beatbox, I wouldn’t bet against it either.
      Bwt, I kind of like the the taxi-cab-mob-warning angle, just because It’s unseemly and I would never have even considered it. way to keep up the healthy discussion guys!

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