9 thoughts on “Brothers of Minor Celebrities a Big Deal if You’re the WaPo”

  1. ‘who’s’ should also be whose. Plz delete my post when you make the correction; I want to help without looking like a grammar-feinstein :D

    1. I make that mistake a lot. I’ve mentioned before when readers have pointed it out… I know the rule if you ask me the rule. I just don’t instinctively know the the rule, in that I’ll type it wrong about half the time.

  2. What is this “Evolve” group and why haven’t we heard of the before? Are they a gun rights group with interest in universal background checks?

  3. It’s ‘important’ in that they want to demonize ‘Nuge’, who they also connect to the ‘message’ and will use anything to do so.

    “See, even the NRA’s leadership’s families oppose the NRA”

  4. They must have missed the slippery slope that the IRS has been skiing down since the last election.

  5. You may not care about (Ted) Nugent, but like it or not by association Ted Nugent is you. “You” as an NRA member gave him the second most votes in the board election, whether you voted for him or didn’t vote at all. So, every word out of his mouth is going to be represented as both the thinking and style of the vast majority of NRA members, including you and me.

    As you may know there are leftwing outlets that do nothing but hang on every word coming from “the right,” to amplify them in public, and every time a Nugent says some dumbass thing in public they post it far and wide, including on YouTube if it’s possible, and remind of the last dozen dumbass things he said.

    It’s kind of like the fashion industry. You may not be able to name a single designer, or care about them, but they’re defining what you will be wearing in a year or two.

  6. While I can agree that criminals and mental cases should not have access to guns, it also a case of presumed guilt when we say they cannot.
    Just because someone WAS a convict at one time doesn’t mean they will always be a criminal, I think there needs to be a relatively simple way to get your gun rights back, afterall even drunk drivers, who kill more people than guns, are allowed to get their drivers license back and that isn’t even a Right!

    And losing your Rights over a PFA order is nuts, all someone has to do is stand before a Judge and say you threatened them, no proof, no trial, just an accusation. And *Poof* your God Given Rights vanish? That’s just wrong.

    1. How about…If you are not in jail you get to own any kind and number of guns that you can afford, including crew served artillery and combat aircraft?

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